Monday, August 01, 2005

Exclusive :: Doctors Opinion

I had the blood tests for Zinc, Iron, Bone, Vit D, Blood Count and numerous other tests last Tuesday, and today I had to go pick the results up. To be brutely honest, I've been bricking my pants for the last week, and regardless of the outcome of today, it would be better than not knowing. So, you can imagine my face when I get to the quacks and its closed for lunch - meaning I had to dillydally around town for 45 mins - and there is only so much dillydallying around you can do when you dont want to spend any money.
So, upon returning to the quacks, I spoke to the receptionist, who took my details, plonked her glasses on the end of her nose and typed away with her index finger. Looking up at me, down to her PC, then back at me announcing that I was "Normal". Of course I couldnt stop laughing, and telling her that she was the first person for about 3 decades to say I was Normal. We had some crack (not the drugs, obviously, that would be just wrong) and she read out the results:
  • Zinc : Normal
  • Liver : Normal (Oh how I laughed)
  • Kidney : Normal
  • Blood Count : Normal
  • Vit D : Normal
So to conclude ... Normal ... but still a little worrying - something a little healthy eating wont resolve, I'm sure.

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