Wednesday, August 03, 2005

3 : The Magic Number

When I had a wander around town the other day, I made a number of purchases to entertain my wandering mind. Sir Bobby Robson's new autobiography (Farewell but not Goodbye) had just been released so was intent on getting that being a hero of mine - needless to say, thats on my list to read next after I've finished the current book.
I also purchased a couple of CDs - Kaiser Chiefs, to which I've downloaded a coouple of EP tracks from iTunes in the past, but never got the full album - this is a fantastic album and would recommend it to anyone - always good where ever you are - esp with and iPOD. I had a wander into WH Smiths in town, and spoke to Elliot (not from ET - "ELLLLIOT") who I know from the Well (I'm assuming - but once give me discount when I went in hungover) who recommended The Magic Numbers. It appears to have influences from The Sundays, The Beautiful South and also a little of The Thrills - but very good easy listening music.
Then I came into contact with the Budda of all TV Comedy DVD boxsets - Scrubs - Series 1 - MMMM. One of the funniest american comedies I have ever seen, with quotes such as :-
"If they took all the porn off the internet
there would only be one site left, and that would be called Bring Back The
"The fact is that you are what you eat, and
you clearly went out and devoured a big fat man."
"Uhm, I'm sorry. Here I was in my own little
world, talking to myself, dreaming about candy bracelets."
"And you, you one-man freakshow, take your
blah-blah to the blah-blah-psychologist, because if you are so stupid to
confront the chief of medicine over some quasi-offensive endearment, then you've
just gotta go ahead and change the captain of your brainship, because he's drunk
at the wheel. "

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