Friday, August 05, 2005

The girl is back in town! well, nearly

Do you fear the reaper ? if you do, then I would stay very very clear of Leamington Spa, next weekend and Monday and Tuesday. One of my dear old friends from "T'up North" is coming down to visit, and due to alcohol, shop-rage and hormones, she often gets into bad moods and "fleps" at people. Dear tho she is, even I am scared of her - but I hope to offer her enough chocolate to calm her down, and then let her loose in the Bull Ring on our annual shopathon.

The Bag Lady Of Leamington : Pippa

Of course, that really isnt Pippa in the photo, she is sweet, and very attractive, but we'll keep that away from her while she's down, coz I do fear for my unmentionables. So far she has a plan of what she would like to do :-
  • Drink Booze
  • Have a BBQ
  • See the Swans
  • Clean My Kitchen (yeah, I know)
  • Watch Arsenal -v- Newcastle
  • Buy me loads of Ted Baker clothing (I made that up)
  • Go to Fatface
  • Abuse Rich (not really, I dont think)
  • Abuse alot of people who have crossed me since the last time she was down.

So far, we've had invites to about 3 birthday nights out, BBQs and Christenings etc - One weekend of fun packed enjoyment - and with the added bonus of 2 days off from work.

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