Sunday, August 21, 2005

Social Sunday Service

Like time of past, when myself and Een used to go out for sunday beverages, Rich asked if I fancied a couple of pints down the bottom of town to chill and relax. I stated that it could be only two (well, ok, my first offer was only one - then got my arm twisted) - so we decamped to TJs for a read of the sunday papers and relive experiences of the weekend.
Rich ended up in Chesterfield, but got back lunch time sunday, so told stories about his dad getting stotting on local brew, trying to sit on a bed and missing it - and his mum (against the evil poison of satan, alcohol) shouting at his dad - then Rich laughing his head off in the boozer when he was telling me this.
Anyhoo, Stella were doing a promotion that if you buy a pint, you get a beer mat, which when opened up, you either win or loose. If you win, you get a DVD, if you loose, collect 4 loosing tickets and you can rent a free DVD from blockbuster. I lost on the first pint, Rich won - so give me the token as he's already drank himself silly so many times, he has the full DVD collection bar one. The only one in the collection I had was Fight club, and wanted to avoid that and get the Beach or the commitments, of course I get fight club, but the block said he would swap it, getting Fight Club again. After working out out the "dotted combination" on the label, I was able to get the Commitments - which I've always fancied watching.
Onto our second pint, we both win, and the kind bar man (although very very tall) found the missing DVD from Rich's collection in the cellar and gave us one each - and a spanner set (Strange, but true)

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