Sunday, August 07, 2005


After the lastnight's "couple of beers" I felt completely rank this morning at 10am when the alarm went off. Part of me wanted to fall asleep for 2 hours, part of me wanted to be sick alot just to get rid of the pain I was suffering with. Then I remembered, 5 glasses of wine and 2 x MSRs on an empty stpmach is never a good thing - ever. After a shower and some water, I felt a little better, not very much tho, so set off on the trip down to Heathrow. I popped into sainsbury's petrol station to ensure that I had enough petrol and then hand it back over to John and Debbie, but after 5 mins faffing around with the car nozzle I was getting paranoid that people were laughing, worst of all, my character assisin was working there and having more of a laugh than anyone.
After filling Sophie up (my pet name the the Seat Ibizia) I hit the M40 - constantly looking at the time. I'd checked the T'internet before I left to see what time their plane landed and it was around 11:35 - so needed to get a move on, slightly tonking it down the motorway. Luckily getting there as their status on the CRT monitors changed to "Baggage Collection". Both John and Debbie and a fragrent smell about them, and both looks a little bright and breezy (damn them) - so we got them back in the car and I drove back towards home, stopping off at Maccy D's for a burger (Debbie's request - honest) and then give them a hand to get their baggage into their gaff.
In return, I recieved a lovely 1 litre bottle of Original Morgan Spiced Rum, some Coke Zero (scared me) and then 3 Dr Who books that they found in "the biggest book shop in the northern hemasphere and that is populated with 20% badgers, and also sells used books" or something - so that was an added bonus. Kinda puts my present to them of Vodka Raspberry Twist and Feta Cheese to shame - but hey, all goes the same way, well apart from the books, obviously.

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