Thursday, May 31, 2007

Face the strange

Well, plan A went well didnt it. I managed to pluck up the courage to ask her out. Sadly got a reply saying that she's seeing someone and the age gap is too big - oh well, at least I tried, and thats what is important - and people like triers - dont they ?

Getting really into The Klaxons album this week, also downloaded Blondie's Keep me hanging on the telephone - fantastic track - even uploaded it up to my ipod nano ready for running.

Following on from Mr John's post earlier this week, I registered myself onto social networking site, facebook. Its rather addictive, but fun, but not really sure my boss will think its fun sadly. Anyhoo, my profile appears to be here so if you read, and interested at all, add me - perhaps.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Oh what do you do..!

I admit it, I really really like someone, and have done for a while - just not seen her around. I kind of asked her out (probably 5 months ago or something) and to be brutally honest, I was gutted when I didnt get an explaination. She has this stunning smile, a smile that just makes me grin (I'm grinning just thinking about the smile alone) and to conclude stunning all over.

Anyhoo, with only an email address and no other means of contacting her - do I risk emailing her, asking if she fancies going out? or what ? all very confusing I tell you. With her being stunning, chances are she'll get snapped up by someone else, but I don't want to appear to be overly eager. Oh, this is where the times of the internet and the are just bad and wrong ... in olden days, you could bump into each other, have a cup of tea and be watching a movie at the cinema.

I deffo think I need to leave it a day or so, as I don't wish to appear too eager (emailed her lastnight). If someone could come out with a book to answer these questions - they'd make a small fortune - maybe thats what I should do.

Cats & Quiz

After doing my usual "i'm so bored, but hungover" visit of youtube this morning, skipping past angry Emo's, bits of Lost & Heroes I came across e-kitten.

I'm now pondering going back to bed, thanks to the Robbins Well Quiz finishing at around 23.30, and clowns coming in singing badly on Karaoke. We managed to win the quiz, thanks to some fantastic inside knowledge on music, sport and general knowledge. The prizes ranged from more booze (8 pints worth + bottles of tesco's cheap french lager), water pistols and something else. I appear to have come back with 2 x old fasioned pint glasses, but not really sure how that happened. MMM praise by Mr Bank for being so famous, that we have a day off after him.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Merthyr 6 a-side Compo

Yesterday, a group of Leamington FC supporters headed down to Merthyr to play in their annual 6 a-side compo. You may remember, that last year, I couldnt play due to breaking my ankle, so this year meant alot to me. Sadly, I've been hit by some kind of chest infection, so spent the last couple of weeks drinking day / night nurse and avoiding alcohol.

The night before was the clubs award night - which meant a late night, and even worse, we had to set off from leamington at 6.30 am to get down Merthyr Football Club for 9.30 for registration. With the alarm kicking off at 5.30 - there was enough time for a shower, pack a few things, then Pete and Vince rang to say they'd arrived at my place. The club had kindly lent us a set of strips from a couple of years ago, and also given us access to a mini bus (and a fuel card) meaning we didnt have to folk out for transport or fuel - making it a cheap day.

We also had a couple of the players lined up to play for us, Adam Knight, and Ben Mackey (of ex Premiership Coventry fame). Sadly Ben ended up in hospital with an eye injury, and Adam was running late - having extended their award night down to the local club, and not getting in til gone 4am. Adam eventually turned up at 11.15 - fair play to the lad for finding the place in the middle of nowhere.

The Squad ...myself and Knighty - seperated at birth.

Our first game was against Peacocks Distribution Centre which we played without Mr Knight, and managing a 0-0 draw, considering only 3 of us play football on a regular basis, we dont pretty well, with myself playing up front as a lone striker / holding the ball up for support. Pete and Vince played in defence and managed to stop anyone getting pretty close to taking a shot and protecting JJ who ended up in goal of all places. The compo meant that the two 2 from the two divisions went thru to the semi finals - and we had to get points on the board. The 2nd game was against Gloucester City and we managed to score two goals (well Knighty did) showing what a player can really do - however we also conceded goals straight after scoring - taking the final score to 2-2. We needed to win the last game to get any chance of progressing to the semi-finals. We did that by beating MTFSTC 1-0 in the final group game - myself having about 5 or 6 shots saved by the keeper alone, however, Knighty was there to save our blushes by scoring.

We played the Strikers Bar Team in the semi finals, who were near enough favs to win the compo, and with the score 0-0 after 15 minutes, it went to extra time with golden goal. They kept coming at us, however once again, a one-two with myself, Knighty fired a fast high ball that any keeper would have struggled to keep out. The opposition team were mortified that we had beaten them, so much so, their keeper was in tears on the floor for 5 minutes.

Here it was, Leamington FC Fans getting into the final - and a chance to take the cup out of Wales for the first time. We kept the team shape the same, we kept the same players on, starting with most of the strongest people on the pitch. This time, it was 10 minutes each way, going straight into pens if it was a draw. We were up against Newport County, the winners of the cup last season and we had enough chances, as did they, but disaster hit 2 minutes from full time, when they scored. We had a couple of chances once again, but they were saved and sadly Leamington FC Fans came back empty handed but doing themselves proud once again.

After a shower, we headed to Merthyr's ground, had some food, had some beer, watched the FA Cup Final then headed back up the country to Leamingtonshire. Another bonus, was Knighty leaving us all his champers that he had won in Friday Night's raffle - so we cunningly sank all of that before we even got back to the English Border. A fantastic day, or should I say Ace day - hopefully we'll go one further next season. We all got back to Leamington, noticing that although it wasnt a partcularly sunny day, that everyone was sunburnt.

Sign in Merthyr : Stop - Hammer Time!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Small ball of fluff in canal ? or animal ?

I popped into town at lunch today, only to find a moorhen on my patio. Rather than flying away, it came towards me, made a funny moorhen-like-noise. When I walked towards the canal, I saw the little baby moorhen all nice and cute and swimming in the canal, against galeforce winds.

aww cute ... just a ball of fluff in manky water.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Is it a turkey? is it a duck?

I woke up a little hungry this morning, the first time for a while, so popped over to local & friendly somerfield to get some things for breakfast and lunch. I decided turkey steaks were probably the best way to go, so made a fine purchase, along with some brownbread. At midday, powered my lean-mean-fat-destroying-grilling-george-formby-grill up, placed on a slice of turkey, and went away my merry way with work.

I checked it a while later, and with horror, found that it had turned into some form of ducks head.

Scary, really.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Wembley Visit

Leamington FC got kicked out of the FA Vase a couple of months ago thanks to Curzon doing their home work on our tactics, subsquently, Curzon got kicked out the next round and never made it to the FA Vase. Some bright spark suggested that a group of us pop down on the train and help support one of the teams at the final. It was an excuse to get to Wembley on the cheap, without a) having to queue up for hours to watch the SugarBabes or b) spend thousands of pounds on black market tickets watching the FA Cup. AFC Totton where playing Truro City at the newly opened ground, and yes, I was excited. Truro were favs to win and their chairman is very amitious with the club's vision. We decided to sit with the Totton fans and support them for the day.

We set off from Leamington Station just after midday - managed to get a special offer on train tickets which worked out to be £11 each, watched the world go by and got off at the Wembley Stadium Station. Magic - as soon as we walked up the stairs you could see the stadium - how perfect is that ?!

After reading it was around 9 quid for burger, chips and a drink - we pottered around Wembley a little to find a quiet pub and a chippy. Turned out, the pub wasnt that quiet, and the chips were starch in hot fat for 3 minutes - but, at least it didnt cost us 9 quid.

We found our entrance, went in, had bags searched, went up 4 flights of stairs, bought programmes for 3 quid - not bad again and went to find out seats. We were sat in the top tier and the stadium looked massive and below us, already a sea of colours were starting to show. The day was a little dull in terms of the weather, but they had the roof open to let in what light was available. Seating was pretty good, I've been to St James Park and you struggle if you have longish legs, but this was actually comfy.

Totton went 1-0 up after half an hour, and were unlucky to go in at half time with the advantage, with Truro pulling one back with a minute to spare. At half time, we popped downstairs to have a gander at the food courts. There was something like 28,000 people there, yet it didnt seem *that* busy, you werent being pushed and pulled around, again like I've seen at St James Park and Villa Park, there wasnt the usual mad rush just before half time to get food in - everyone just went with the flow, like it should be.

The 2nd half saw Truro come out strong, scoring twice in the 2nd half, and Totton trying to walk the ball into the back of the net. The Atmosphere was a little poor, with both sets of fans a little quiet - maybe it was the big venue, maybe it was the weather. Sad to say but, we all wondered, "what if" Leamington had beaten Curzon and got into the final.

Bobby Moore Statue

After the game, we wandered around the stadium a bit, took in the massive Bobby Moore Statue that was just opened last week - and I mean massive. We headed back to the station via an offy and got the train back to Leamington. All a little too easy really. I think in total, including train and ticket - I spent around 30 quid - not bad for a day out and away from the Leamington Goldfish Bowl (tm).


Since the age of 17 and up until last week, I've had 2 days off on the sick - that includes the time when I broke ny ankle last summer. I don't like being ill, in fact I hate it, but I'd rather be busy, than sitting around doing nothing. I had to have 2 days off on the sick lastnight because of this *thing* I have sitting on my chest - not pretty & certainly not clever. I skipped friday night's mini happy friday meal, because I just wasn't up to it - perhaps I'm getting old and sensible.

I need to get rid of it by the weekend as I'm off to Merthyr to play in a fan's football compo and missed it last year because of said broken ankle. Looking really forward to it, although played football once in the last month - going to be tricky.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Brakes just don't stop

Lastnight, Leamington FC hosted the Lord Mayors charity game against Coventry City. It had been suggested that Cov would only send their youth team, but turns out, they started with 6 1st team players on the pitch - we all expected a thrashing. Before the game, we were allowed to touch the silverware that the Team had won over last couple of weeks and take shots. Thankfully, John had his phone with him, while other lesser mortals left theirs at home. Nice shots I think.

MFA Cup Trophy

MFA League Trophy.

Anyhoo, getting back to the game, we beat the Coventry Sunday League Team 1-0, with a Jephcott goal in the first half. Oh how the Cov massive got angry and punished us by throwing jellybabies and milk bottle sweets at us. Still, a massive crowd attendance of 856 - all in the name of Chaaariteee.

Friday, May 04, 2007

League Cup Final

Lastnight, Leam FC played in the League Cup final up at the Bescot Stadium against Tipton Town. Remember, we played there last season and lost to Barwell, well this season Captain Cadzy was trying to put to rest the ghosts from 12 months ago. Taking a detour to Brinklow to pick up the lovely Faith, we headed up the M6, talking all things Colts, Football and Brinklow. I think Pete knew I was secretly papping my pants, and I think Pete knew that I knew that he was secretly papping his pants too - so we just talked nonesence for at least 2 hours on the way there.

It was a great atmosphere when we got there - bumping into people we speak to regularly, those once in a while, and also those who turned up for the day. We took our seats, and the usual suspects who moan at anything, moaned at the stewards, then shrewly waved them away "not wanting any trouble". We had the majority of the play in the first half, hitting the wood work a number of times, with Tipton just happy to sit back and hoof it over the top to their "big man"* might actually be diddy. Against the run of play, Tipton scored from an accidental drop from Richard Morris (from what I can remember)

Once again, moaning people decided that if you're 1-0 down at half time, you might as well just pack up and go home for the remaining 45 mins. I think they'll need to learn very quickly that next season is going to be a little harder than this season, and we will lose, but its up to us and the management to pick the team up - not just give it up.

Anyhooo ... the Brakes came back, fought for the ball, hit the woodwork even more times - so much so, it looked like a Crossbar Challenge from Soccer AM. The fans were getting louder and louder as time went on ... 88 mins arrived and we managed to get an equaliser - the crowd went mental - seriously mental. This took us into extra time, with the opposition players who previously having "cramp" (*might have been trying to time waste) deciding there wasnt really time for it anymore. Leamington FC came back stronger, and you can tell that after the season we had, we were going to win it, or at least take it as close as we could. Every Brakes player was getting to the ball quicker, passing it around, moving faster, and Tipton looked like they were running out of energy. Andy Gregory (the chap who fixed my front door) picked the ball up from midfield, looked up, hit the damn thing, only to see it hit the back of the net - 2-1 in the first period of extra time.

We had ample opportunities to take the game out of Tipton's reach, by once again, hitting the bar and the post - time and time again. The final final (final) whistle went, Leamington FC were crowned League Cup final winners, 12 months after a terrible display against Barwell.

Highlights of the night were;

  • the "stand up, if you're 2-1 up" and 800 Leamington Fans standing up, clapping, making even more noise.
  • the Sack Cadzy Banner - Ironic statements from fans that can be found in the Courier

Managed to shake hands with Morts, the captain for the night - what a fantastic experience.