Thursday, March 29, 2007

Bricking My Pants Time

Next month sees Leamington host the Regency Run, which is 10Km in total. There was talk amongst the group that we would apply for it, however with not being very fit these days, I decided to drop out, and then there was talk about John doing it, but he has to work in Japan. Debbie has shamed us all, by applying for it a while back, which made me feel a little guilty, but with the news that the race might be full, I felt a little better.

I decided to give it a chance and see if I could push myself a little more, and applied for it Monday night. With a clunk of the mail box this morning, I opened the post, to find my own race number. I've done myself proud lastnight, and considering I havent done any exercise in terms of long distance running for a while, I managed to do just under 4Km. Time to cut out some booze, drop some weight and eat healthy for a bit I think.

As the race is on a Sunday, I'll have to do the race (starts at 9) then go manage kids straight after - I'll be glowing red for approx 4 days after this.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Remember Een? Sahara Update ...

I had a text from the lovely Philippa earlier on, pointing me to a website where you can check on the progress of people in the race. Turns out, Een is currently 22nd out of 850 - nutcase & loon.

The website also has a select number of photos taken from the last couple of stages - and knowing what you need to do to be in races like this, you have to be at the peak of your health. However, this kind of scared me ...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Karma & Magic Darts

Having signed up for Friends-Reunited a couple of years ago, I've been in touch with a number of people I actually want to keep in touch with from up north. Sometimes I get messages from the website - about people getting married, having kids, moving to the States - that kind of thing. Last week, I got a bit of a funny one, KE who I used to go to school with had won an award for Undiscovered Author. KE is using a pen name of Holly A Harvey, the book is called Karma, and as another friend from school, Sarah, owned an independant book shop up north and is stocking it, I gave her a call to see if I could blag a copy. Sadly this didnt work, and I got talked into making a purchase - but you know, its helping two old friends, right ?

When I finished handing over £8.99 for a very interesting book, Sarah asked me if I wanted it signed by "Holly" so why not I said, incase its a classic in 200 years time. 2 days later, a book turns up - and looks very nice - just need to get around to reading it. It is of course, signed by "Holly" saying "To Stephen, 'Magic Darts!!!!' Love Holly A Harvey."

Magic Darts relates to a catch phrase we had at school, if anything was going the right way, we used to aim an imaginary dart at the imaginary dartboard, fire the dark and shout "Magic Darts" or "Championship Darts" - suppose you have to be there - but mildy amusing thing to do, in fact, I might re-introduce it again.

You can get the book from Amazon, or alternatively, phone up Sarah at her bookshop - she's nice and doesnt bite .. thankfully. You can also read Holly's Blog at the following address;

Buy it, read it, enjoy it.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Brass Monkey's

The Arctic Monkey's are about to tour the UK - however rather than giving everyone a nice hotline and taking down the phone lines in London, they decided that it would be better if you signed up to a website. All good and well really, you would think, but they're pretty much in demand, and its first come, first served. I had an email saying "thanks, but no thanks, or and you were to slow, you fat fingered geordie fool" - well, not quiet, but for the comedy value - it works in my head.

I didnt think anything else of it, then I had an email pop up on Friday saying "not all tickets sold - click this link and enter pin code". So, I did, and got prompted to which venue I was interested in - so I entered Brum. I was then asked to enter my credit card details - so I did, then had "Thank you for purchasing tickets" - EEEEK - I thought I was only registering my interest again - whoops.

Needless to say, the lovely Jess (sadly in Leeds now) - you know the one, cute smile, funny lass, makes me giggle - suggested that they werent actually that good live. Double whoops. I had a look on ebay - and the tickets are going for 150 quid - and there is still a month left! Crumbs, imagine what you can do with that. Friendly brummie man, Bellis, is into his music, after all, he's having a midlife crisis and trying to be hip and street, so told him about it. He couldnt get tickets either, so suggested if I couldnt make it, I would sell him the tickets for face value.

Thursday, March 22, 2007


I was pretty pleased with myself lastnight. I decided to get off my arse and play 5aside football, with most of the students and a couple of IBMers - its a game I don't really enjoy playing, because its full of, well fast footballers. This means, when and if you get the ball (very rare) you have to pass it on, or run with the ball as soon as you recieve it. Its also a mechanism to find people's weak spots, and basically, for crap people like myself, to have the piss taken out of me. I felt lastnight I couldnt do anything right, and thats not me being negative, its the trust god damn it. I had my back on goal, had a ball passed to me, knew someone was free on my right, so passed it perfectly, only for him to miss, but - but - people shouted at me that I should have shot. Minutes later, I took a curling in shot from the left wing - and people say I should pass - meh - football for you.

Pete and Vince had invited me to play the slightly later game (8 til 9) so by the time I got home (7.15) I decided that enough was enough, and I wanted to take things into my own hands and I was going to play a 2nd game in 3 hours.

I do like playing this slot (although its a little late in the day for me) mainly because you do get the space, you do get the time on the ball (time & space = more confidence = more time and space .... etc etc ....). Its been a while since I turned up for this slot, but was met by loads of handshakes, welcomes and asking how "Geordie" has been and where I've been. So, we play, I megsy an old bloke, giving me more confidence, had a couple shots on target, and probably had the better game there, even tho I'd ran around for an hour already.

Anyhow, heres where the relativity thing comes in. When I got back, I had a call from a mate of mine, Een. I tend to only ever get calls from him, if his lass is up the spout (hi Sarah), Headley has managed to get himself into even more debt or Big Brother is about to start. Thats not to say we don't keep in touch, its to say, he reads my blog often and doesnt need to call me to find out whats going on.

Anyhoooo, turns out, he was at Gatwick Airport, about to take a flight. Where ? The Sahara Desert to run in a race.

The Sahara Race is a self-supported footrace across 150 miles (250 kilometers)
of the Sahara Desert in Egypt. The race consists of six stages, lasting 7 days,
with distances ranging from 10 to 50 miles (20 - 80 kilometers) per stage. There
will be checkpoints conveniently positioned along the course every 7 or 8 miles
(10 - 12 kilometers). Competitors are required to be fully self-supported
throughout the event and must carry all their own food, gear and clothing, which they will need to complete the 150 mile (250 kilometer) course. Water (including hot water) and a place in a tent will be provided daily. Generous cutoff times will be established daily so that anyone walking the course can complete it. A
limited number of three-person teams and individuals will be accepted.

Excuse me ? Isn't that just mental ? He's a 31 year old man, with two kids, lovely lass of a wife - and he's running 150 mile in the desert. Anyhow, after feeling good about myself, I felt a little deflated, that I've probably done like 0.03% of what he's going to do, in a better climate.

Good Luck Een!

Monday, March 19, 2007

What am I watching ??

Thought I'd update people with what I'm currently watching at the moment, both downloads and TV. Mainly because I havent blogged for a while and it makes a nice introduction to the magical world of me, at the moment.
  • Heroes
  • Lost
  • Skins
  • The Riches
  • Castaway
  • Shipwrecked
  • Ugly Betty

There is alot of "which is best, Lost or Heroes?" at the moment, and to me, I still prefer Lost. Heroes took a while to get into it, with a very slow start, but now that Lost is on til the end of the series - it's getting more and more interesting. Really want Heroes back tho

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Tom.

It was Tom H's 30th on Saturday and I attended with Mr John and Miss Debbie. We ended up in Pizza Express, which has always been a fav of mine anyhow, but it was good to see faces (most of them sober too at 7pm). We had our food, loads of wine - and I felt drunk before we even left - which is a nice feeling. We them wandered up to the Lounge (we had a bit of a headstart) to grab a pint. Tom decided to buy champers for everyone turned up, while some of the others chattered, a couple of us watched the results of the UK Eurovision Contest.

After a couple more pints, we ended up in Rios - where we saw Sniffer, previously of Leamington FC fame. We had a couple of dances to the 70s & 80s tracks - had a laugh - sang loads - I say sang, I mean shouted - so much my brain was about to pop out of my skull.

Due to having the kids (not mine) on Sunday morning, I decided to call it a night, as did John and Debbie, we put Abbi in a taxi and walked back home. Spotting a couple of the other Leam FC people around and about. Fun night by all - loads of booze, champers and a boogie - Oh Rio's is still Rio's

Monday, March 05, 2007

Back to the Future!

After receiving some cack news lastnight, and Rich returning from "up north" he decided it would be good to get me out the house and have a couple of pints - and cheer me up in his unique way. Needless to say, after 10 minutes of him trying to cheer me up, I just wanted to get more booze inside me to block out his counter measures. After his, "at least you didnt get kicked out the vase yesterday, oh wait" line, we decided to join the fuzzy faced gonks in the quiz.

To be fair, we didnt answer many questions, but done our fair share on motivating the troops and taking the piss out of the opposition - which hasnt been done for a while - with comments such as "Sham", "you're a mess" and "you're rubbish".

When the final results came out, our "team" managed to win by 1 point, also managed to win 2 x 4 pitchers of carlsberg and a massive box of bottled beer. We sat with the fuzzy gonks for a bit longer and drank their free beer, til we decided enough was enough and Rich had to be at work in the morning.