Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Tom.

It was Tom H's 30th on Saturday and I attended with Mr John and Miss Debbie. We ended up in Pizza Express, which has always been a fav of mine anyhow, but it was good to see faces (most of them sober too at 7pm). We had our food, loads of wine - and I felt drunk before we even left - which is a nice feeling. We them wandered up to the Lounge (we had a bit of a headstart) to grab a pint. Tom decided to buy champers for everyone turned up, while some of the others chattered, a couple of us watched the results of the UK Eurovision Contest.

After a couple more pints, we ended up in Rios - where we saw Sniffer, previously of Leamington FC fame. We had a couple of dances to the 70s & 80s tracks - had a laugh - sang loads - I say sang, I mean shouted - so much my brain was about to pop out of my skull.

Due to having the kids (not mine) on Sunday morning, I decided to call it a night, as did John and Debbie, we put Abbi in a taxi and walked back home. Spotting a couple of the other Leam FC people around and about. Fun night by all - loads of booze, champers and a boogie - Oh Rio's is still Rio's

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