Sunday, November 26, 2006

Magic Mr Ben

Football is a strange thing, it brings people together in different ways, it gives you confidence being around people you like (John, Debbie, Pete, Vince etc) and its like being part of a massive family which you never knew you had.

Lets all sing together, "Ben Mackey is Magic, he wears a magic hat, he used to play for racing, he left them coz they're crap"

Management Round Up

The U11 Colts just completed their 9th game today, in some respects, the results dont look impressive, well not as impressive as after match day #1. We've Won 0, Drawn 1, lost the rest - but there are positive signs with each week, and most importantly, signs of improvements. I too the decision to take the kids up to Newbold Comyn on Saturday mornings for an extra couple of hours training, to get to know them a little better, spend more time and to show that we're in this for the long ride. We're exactly that, committed, want them to improve, and the game today showed that.

The first half was more or less rubbish in terms of skill and once again we conceded a couple of goals by corners. The number of corners we're giving away has dropped, mainly down to the left back and right back (the set of twins) are starting to understand, you can get rid of it a little more easier. The 2nd half, after a "Fergie" style chat, got them going, we had the opposition pegged back into their own half for the majority of the half, with the one chance they did have, they scored - but you cant fault the lads.

Looking back, would I have changed getting involved in kids football - no, never, each day presents different challenges, and I wouldnt give that up for anything. The one thing we are missing, foxy women watching the games, not giving Pete and I a chance to use our tapping skills and impress the ladies.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Old Chestnut

It was the usual story of boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy keeps in touch with girl, girl moves to China for a year, etc etc etc. I've kept in touch with her now and again, thinking even if she came back, she wouldnt even remember me, so why bother - but I did. Anyhoo, due to the wind blowing in the right direction, some small child in Chile buying a KFC and most importantly, being logged in at that very time, Sarah (nice smile) MSN'd me, asking how I was etc etc.

While she was in China, I done her a couple of favs and she promised to take me out for a coffee, true to her word, she asked me if I fancied a coffee. Being a little flirty, I asked that if she offered alcohomol, it would be a massive deal and she did. She asked when I was free, and I said that the only day I was free this week would be Tuesday, forgetting I'd already promised to attend the new James Bond movie. Of course, I only remembered this 3 nanoseconds after she'd logged out to finish one of her essays. Once I managed to get hold of her on MSN again, I dropped her an IM asking if I could get a spare ticket, would she like to come with us (half expecting a no, go bugger off, drink, thats it - nothing else) but she sent a reply saying that it was good and to drop her a text.

I spoke to Jim the next morning to find out how he booked the tickets and if he could help me get a spare one, with that wind in the same direction, that small child getting finger licking good in Chile, Jim replied saying that Troy had dropped out and I could have the spare ticket - Wahhoo!

Half of me didnt really recall what Sarah looked like fully - we were both boozed up, but remember she had a fantastic smile and lush body. Thanks to that child getting slightly fatter in Chile, she looked absolutely stunning. We got to the seats and there was only room for 1 extra, rather than 2, so it allowed us to go talk on another area of cinema seating and catch up. We got on pretty well, I offered to look at her laptop that was broken and we settled down to the film.

After the film, we walked in our directions and she said that she was turning off, of course, I offered to walk her home, but she politely declined (dont know what that means in terms of interested/not interested), said it would be nice to go out for a drink with me sometime. I once again offered to look at her laptop if she dropped it around.

Nice to smile again, thats all I would say, nice to smile.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I've been attending the FA Coaching Level 1 Course for the last couple of weeks and to be honest, its interesting, very interesting and filled with common sense which you do automatically, and dont really appreciate. Part of the assessment is presenting a "drill" using the rest of the people on the course as the kids. You have to do nice things like introduce yourself, do health and safety checks and then demonstrate, encourage and provide support if required. Lastnight was a preparation for the final assessment, and we were marked accordingly in pairs, I had the opportunity to work with a fine fellow called Keith.

We have 3 weeks left, 2 of which consist of theory work, homework and preparing for the final assessment. I was given "Duos" as my final assessment, luckily, Pete had that in his preparation session, so hopefully can help each other out. The assessment criteria is split into different sections, and you dont even have to deliver the drill has its explained in the manual / DVD - as long as the "kids" are having a good laugh and you do the H&S section. Each section is marked with a tick, or an action plan, myself and the other chap (Keith) got all ticks apart from one action plan, which consisted of us not standing in the designated "safety" area - even tho we stood well away from the danger areas on the pitch.

Fingers crossed, by 11th December, all of the Leamington Brakes Coaches who are involved should have passed and deserve a nice drink. Also nice to make new friends and contacts around the world of football. Something that I certainly want to progress (all being well and I actually pass this one)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

1-2-3-4-5,6-7-8-9-10, 11-12

Old?? Meh Space!

If anyone really knows me, then they'll know that I dont often approach women for numbers, chitchat etc etc, so last saturday when myself and Rich were out was a little bit of a strange night. I'd rushed down from Coalville back to Leamington to catch the 2nd half of NUFC v Charlton - a relegation 6 pointer and agreed to meet Rich for a couple of beers. There is a number of barmaids that are pretty foxy at the Well, and there is one that caught my eye, mainly because of a foxy smile and good sense of humour. After the shambles of the game, we took out spot at the bar and spoke to her, Rich doing me the fav of being completely crap at music, to allow me to correct him and look good. For example, we played our usual game of "what band is playing in the background?" which to be fair to Rich, anything in the last 12 months he's bad, go back to the 80's and he'll beat me hands down.

So after having a laugh at Rich's "is it the magic letters?". "Surely its slimboy fat" and "its the Cooks isnt it?", it turns out that me and this lass have a couple of things in common. It also appears that the bloke behind the bar working with her is after some "fun" because he's bored with his stunningly sexy girlfriend and wants to ruin my chance with this lass. So, I asked if she fancied coming out the next day to come watch the kids play football, just for a couple of hours, or fancies a drink. This was looking positive as she was asking what time, when would we back etc, so I suggested that because she's working til 3am, that she sends me a text if I give her my number if she cant meet me.

Turns out, that she lives around the corner from me, so I suggest that if she's interested, I meet her outside the supermarket. Insert a couple of days of no communication, and Rich working away in the background to make things nice and rosey, but sheepishly said that she's said that I'm too old for her. Fair play you know, a little shallow in a way, and sure if she's actually given it ago, it would be fun.

To counter this, and after having a midweek drink with Rich, I appear to have got a little drunk and registered myself to myspace to make myself feel hip and street. Rich feels pretty bad, to which I cant really understand, I got over one of my self confessed problems by actually asking someone out, and giving someone my number. Its all about ratios, some you win, most you lose by all accounts.

Anyhow, back to

Easy Lover!

No, not a reference to me - I dont think you could get any further from the truth! The introduction to Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stories has a fantastic advert (yes, back to my purchases again) with action packed footage from the game, with 80s style backing tracks. The one advert I've seen, features Phil Collin's Easy Lover, then cars being blown up, guns being used and people being beaten up.

As you can probably tell, I've not got the YouTube bug, so just to make Rich laugh a little more, and allow other people to appreciate the weekly joke ;

Toot Toot!!!

I've never really been massively interested in computer games. Yeah, I buy them, yeah I play them, and then they get added to that pile of games on the shelf. Rich maybe many things, but has got very good taste in strategy games and after getting my ass thrashed at Civ4 on his recommendation, he suggested a purchase of Sid Meier's Railroads. I did buy this, mainly because of reviews of real time multiplayer network games and also getting my brain working.

Idea is that you manage a train company, you link towns and cities together, and move items between these based on demands and production. The bigger the spread, the more difficult it gets to manage, and the more you have to ensure that trains arnt stuck at stations or idle on the track. Time costs money, n' all that jive. There are a number of objectives you also have to meet within a specific time scale, and you can make more money by buying the industries you're supplying.


Having owned a PSP from the day of release, I tend to keep an eye out for new games coming out. The recent spurt of adverts that they have come up with are fantastic, and makes me laugh with strange mexican style voices. I'm the kind of person who would buy something if there is a funky funny advert, and I was almost tempted to purchase another PSP based on these adverts. I invite you and challenge you not to smile!