Monday, February 19, 2007


One of the Leam Fans contacted me during the week and asked for my email address, has he had something for me (he promised it wasnt a virus). He then uploaded it to youtube and shared it around the messageboard for all to see. Canny likeness really...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Wot No Blog..!?

Whoops, I kinda got busy, but didnt if you see what I mean. Its nearly been a month of no blogging, so to summarise, heres whats happened;
  • I had 7 days off work (to return today, and finding out I have another 7 left to take before end of March)
  • Andy Gregory came to sort my front door out
  • Leamington FC lost TWICE.
  • I celebrated my 32nd Birthday, receiving many fantastic gifts.
  • NUFC beat Liverpool FC, but lost to Fulham.
  • Beat Rich in RailRoads three times
  • Helped produce a Fanzine for Leamington FC in less than 3 weeks (40 pages too)
  • Flirted with someone
  • Found a virus on my PC
  • Lost Series 3 has started again
  • As has Heroes