Friday, June 08, 2007

Friends : Past, Present, Future?

I was up early this morning, mainly because I have a very good friend staying for the weekend, and still have a lot to tidy up. Pippa is one of my dearest friends, yet, she still scares the living crap out of me, not in a bad way, probably in a "keep you on your toes" way. Anyhoo, I'm finishing early today, to keep her out of Leam trouble, so started early - like way to early.

When I logged in to work, I received an email from my work email address from a facebook friends request. I tried everything I could to move the request from that email address to my correct facebook profile - without any success. So had to create another ID - only to find out it was a friend from Leeds when I lived there on my sandwich year. Her name is Julia, she was, how can I put it, stunningly stunning, and someone I completely bounced off and felt at home with. Don't know what it was, she was just *LUSH* and perfect - of course, 8 years on, people moving around, people moving jobs - we all lost touch with one another.

Not taking anything away from friends from Newcastle or friends at the moment - because I love them all dearly - Julia was special - very special some would say - but just didnt happen, turns out, she has a 18 month old baby and living in sin. Julia invited me to a wedding this weekend, her sister Weezie (it was a kind of a strange naming convention - Louise was Weezie, I ended up being Weephen) and old friend Russ (from what I recall Wuss was his name). Any other weekend and I would have been up there like a shot.

Anyhow, without being too corny - friends - what fantastic people they are.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Hmm, one of them weeks

I knew that when Monday came, it was going to be a manic week, but tried to take it on as any other week, just slowly & taking it steady. I don't know why, but I feel drained - its probably because of someone sawing wood at 23:45 last night, it might be because I've felt meh for the last couple of days.

I've got to hold trials for my new team next season, which you would think its easy enough to stand there shouting directions at kids, there's also a tough side to it too. Its not just about their abilities to play football, its also ensuring that they have the right attitude to play, they have the discipline too. I spent far too long shouting at kids who just didn't want to play football, but were forced there by their parents, and unfortunately, the only people who suffered are those who wanted to play football & win- I want to turn this around. Part of this is for the kids, part of it is for myself, that we're actually doing something good, apart from keeping them off the streets.

Thursday night is worrying me a tad. Its the awards nights for the players from the season just gone, and I have to write a speech, based on achievements and highlights from the season. I know it sounds a bit funny to say, but a 5 minute speech based around the teams achievements is hard enough, but when you've picked up 2 points, conceeded 50 odd goals is going to be even harder. To top it off, Gary McSheffrey (of Brum City and dumping NUFC out of the FA Cup fame) will be attending, making my night even more morky.

I was tidying up my gaff, mainly because I have an old friend staying for the weekend, but came across a photo album that my mother give me for my birthday once. Decided to scan a few in, just for fun, like, and came up with a couple of corkers. There will be more to come, and available on my flickr site, but really got me thinking, should I move back up to Newcastle ? At the moment, not really sure, but its at the back of my mind.

Best toy ever! My own Tardis. Oh, look at my chubby cheeks.

Me, last week

Anyhoooo, As I say, I have a friend staying this weekend, so should be interesting to see what happens. She's a nice lass, although a little insane, but we get on fine enough. I'm a little bit miffed that the scafolding is still kicking around after 3 weeks, and really expected the place to be painted and clear again. I'm hoping that the weather is going to be fantastic at the weekend, for fun, beer, sunbathing, chatting and catching up. Might even get some shopping in during that time too.

All in all, a busy week - and still not seen Pirates OTC 3 - dammit