Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Everybody needs good neighbours

Met Adrian again (this time sober) - seems a nice chap, then got introduced to my 3rd set of neighbours - from upstairs - she seems a nice lass, also seems very intellgent too. We're having a house meeting next tuesday and will meet neighbours set 4 & 5. All starting to sound like a who dun' it stylee. Just never a need really.

Spoke to my unofficial neighbour, Lee, as well, he's also a nice chap - he's gonna give me a quote on decking for my patio garden

First day back at work today (only the 108 emails to sift through) after my two day painting session. Already in a bad mood - although spoke to Mr Palin who told me of this interesting trip to Iceland - 14 days in a 4x4 - 1400 quid tho - booger

Monday, August 30, 2004

Iceland - not the supermarket - the country

Thinking of going to Iceland for a week - expensive I know that for a fact. Feel for the first time in a long while I have a big of get up and go, rather than just drifting. Seems strange, but a) dont know the first thing about up'ing and leaving and b) how to arrange it all - so if you dont hear anything for a long while from Captain Wharton, you know i'm lost in some dormant iceland village. Hope there is a pub.

Got a gmail account from John today ... very nice of him ... doc.wharton@gmail.com I think it is ... not really sure.

The Means to an End

Hello, faffing around with this for the first time.

After a bank holiday weekend consisting beer, football (well in its smallest terms) and random goings on. The begining to a new week, its supposed to be great, woke up to Newcastle United sacking Sir Bobby Robson. Strange, I remember the day that Kenny Dalglesh was sacked, and I'll remember this.

Anyhoo - didnt win the quiz, ended up in the Well 'til 3am