Monday, February 27, 2006

Eye Eye!

I woke up this morning, with tired heavy eyes. This happens to everyone, once in a while, however for some reason I was a little concerned, mainly because I had such a long sleep - maybe thats the reason. Rather than doing what Doc Warburton does, ie, sitting on my fat arse doing bugger all about it, I decided to call the Boots Opticians and make an appointment - luckily they had a free slot at 3.20pm and booked myself in.

I havent had my eyes tested for a while, well, 10 years at least, so it was refreshing to rediscover the attractiveness of the optician ladies - purr! My initial test consisted of 3 tests;

  • Blowing cold air into my eyes
  • Looking down a road with a hot air balloon at the end of a screen.
  • Counting the number of dots on a screen

I did have to laugh a bit, with science advancing so quickly - they still checked my eyes with air, on/off dots on a screen.

I then had to see someone else, who done more tests - this time the stereotypical ones of letters, numbers, dots, colours etc. I like to know whats going on, so shielding the paper and writing while looking at me - doesnt help my confidence! After putting some "glasses" on me, then shining the brightest light down my eyes, writing a little more, and placing the heaviest full stop on the paper, she sighed. Glasses, I was actually getting used to the fact that I would have to wear them, esp after being told twice to go look at them while I was waiting to be seen. However, sadly, I have good eyesight and done need them, so no need for frames around my head or "looking like Professor Yaffle" as Rich suggested - cheers mate!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Perfect Saturdays

As saturdays go in the world of the steve, today has been near on perfect as you can get. Last night was great, and after leaving the group in the jug due to feeling a bit blah, I managed to get a decent night sleep and wake up at a good time (10am). I had a text from a friend saying they were back in town, and would I like to meet up for a drink, chat and catch up - of course, I didnt think for less than a heartbeat to say yes.

Due to Newcastle playing at home against everton and kicking off at 17:15, I decided to skip the Brakes away game to Oadby Town. I lent my tomtom to John and Debbie, just to make sure they got there safely and also in time, and in return, had the promise of the goals/full time text messages from one of them. NUFC v Everton wasnt the only reason, one of which was the fact a friend was back in town, and also my sisters (and Emily's) birthday was fast approaching, and had to sort a few things out.

Brakes managed to win 3-0 (my prediction was 2-0) and apparently a couple of the regulars were asking after me - which is nice. It's not an ego thing, but its nice to be asked about when you dont really know many people at a club that is pretty small. Anyhoo, after trying to rig up my PC so it could fetch enough bandwidth of ChineseTV via internet, and failing, I had to use the backup of text message and radio (DAMN BROADBAND ROUTER!!!) Anyhow, Newcastle won 2-0 and I had to get ready for meeting of "the" friend.

This is gonna stay cryptic, but I really do have so much time for this person, not on an attraction level, but also on a personal level. They have the power to make me smile, just because they are in the same room - and I just dont know how that works - and some times it scares me - like a small child trapped in a tight jumper. Anyhoow, I go on a tangent that my blog/mind has often had the piss taken out of. We met up after her brother dropped her off, had a quick pint and chatted, and ended up in the lounge, had a cocktail, chatted, I smiled, and bumped into Geordie Mike.

We ended up in Wildes, an old haunt of mine from days gone ex, and we got wine in and chatted. I have to admit, over the years, its been me asking & leading questions, finding out, and to my suprise, I felt it was a two way thing and I really enjoyed it. As mentioned, its just not an attraction thing, its more than that, I dont know what it is, however they made it perfectly clear that they were seeing someone, and at that point, its the first time I've ever felt the "wonder years" situation. You know, small child speaking for you without you using your lips - scary, never happened to me before. Yes, I talk to myself, more often than speaking outloud to be brutely honest, but never feeling my mind taking the conversation away from me. Anyhow, my "wonder years" voice told me at that point, it was pure friendship, nothing more, and it was a different kind of caring, one like caring for a sister - if that makes sense.

She seemed very happy, the happiest I've ever seen her for a long while, so who am I to take that away from her. Dont get me wrong, not for one second did I think anything would and could have happened that saturday night - which is a bit of a shame - but reality.

After a bottle of wine and chinwagging, we walked to the top of town, where her mum was waiting, I got introduced, I waved and blushed abit. This is mainly due to the fact that her mum saw me on the webcam and said nice things about me - and my friend was worried that her mother was developing somekind of crush. I left them too it, wandered all the way back home, avoiding the drunk people talking to the shop window dummies in House of Frasier, avoiding the people who were just out for a fight. I've sat down, with a short, typed this as it really has been a fantastic night, and I'll save this as a draft and check it in the morning.

Friday, February 24, 2006

magical world of McVities

I ran out of milk this morning - always the way on a friday morning after a couple of glasses of water. After popping out in the freezing cold, with enough change to purchase a 2 pint bottle of milk, and a 20 quid note in my pocket, I stumbled across a promotion stand for Jaffa Cakes.

They had the traditional jaffa cakes, and a sign saying buy 2 for 99p - "mmm", I thought, then noticed different colour boxes - a purple colour, and then a greeny yellow colour. Turns out they've brought out two new ranges, blackcurrent (half way through a box of 12 now) and Zingy Lemon and Lime flavour!.

An information box also says, "Each McVitie's Jaffa Cake contains lots of energy, and only 1.0g of far per cake. That is why they are recommended by sports nutristionists." Bonus - you eat jaffa cakes and get fit!.

Update :- all gone!

in the land of make believe

Its strange, and I dont know how to control it - I like being in control of situations. For the last couple of months, I've been having nightly dreams about one person - really just cant get her out of my head. Its not like we have daily interaction, infact, I think the last time I actually saw her was before Xmas when we went for a coffee on a sunday in town. So, why the dreams ? You dont interact with someone, you dont have phone calls with them, you get the odd work-instant message from her - so how come she's constantly in my mind ??

Nevermind about the dreams, what do you do about it, is she interested at all ? I take it by the text messages I've sent and that she hasnt replied too, thats probably a negative, but under the circumstances, I understand, and know she's got a shed load on in life at the moment.

I went into the office yesterday, hoping to "bump" into her, and I've been feeling a little run down, mainly on the exuberance of american style fast food and outcome of it brining me out in rather nasty looking spots. I've spent the full week running up to Thursday's office trip, by trying to make me look as human as possible, and also attractive enough for her to, and this is where it sounds strange, like me again.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Stefan, a pro, for a change!

OK, I admit it, I've been putting it off for months, but I've eventually gone with the flickr pro account. The normal account was fine, but it meant that I had to time when I wanted to upload files online, sometimes, leaving no room at the end of the month (monthly upload of 20Mb) if I wanted to share some newer files. The pro account gives you something like 2Gb upload a month, and also allows you to create more than 3 "sets". It works out to be something poor like $2 a month to keep photos online, which personally, its the first time I've paid for an online service (no jokes please!!) and more than happy.

Anyhooo, my flickr account is :

Monday, February 20, 2006

ooh nice daffs sir!

Last week I blogged a photo of the first flower in my patio, however, always had a soft spot for Dafs. This is the first one to sprout up, out of about 40 of them that myself and Pippa planted when she came to stay last year.

A flower, today

Bring on the ducklings, moorhenlings and swanlings ;o)

Hrm - Mondays!!

I woke up at 7am, to my phone giving me an alert to Emily's birthday. I dont know if its supposed to alert a week before, or if I was just dumb enough to get the wrong week - anyhow, needless to say, I was a bit miffed that I was up early and sent a text to Emily saying Happy Birthday when it wasnt.

I managed to roll over and get another 60 mins worth of sleep, when the people up stairs with clogs decided to jump down each stair at a time - dont know why they do it, however, I've come to the conclusion, my cursing doesnt effect them. After getting up and showered (before 10am is good for me) I made myself a cup of tea, only to work out that the milk was 2 days out of date - and I made three massive starbuck size mugs of tea. This of course made my stomach churn a tad, but, I needed tea, so ended up popping to the corner shop getting milk, and somehow, £19 worth of other things - how, I dont know.

The day so far, as been, interesting, but quiet in terms of nutcases trying to such my brains dry - maybe its half term and most of the workshy crazies are on holiday. Logging in was amusing, finding a block of 4 emails together, asking people to "see pavaroti", "join yoga" and "would you like to see the doll show at the NEC" - and people wonder why we have problems. Dont get me wrong, I'm sure if I enjoyed looking and smiling at dolls, stretching my legs around my head, or listening to a fat man sing in a language I cant understand - I reckon I would be interested. Just not when I'm working!

Newcastle have just drawn Chelsea away in the FA cup - looks like thats our exit, however it SO could have been Leamington v Newcastle. Well, only if we'd scored 9 more goals against Colchester, got through the next round and then beaten Chelsea. I'm hoping by that time, we (newcastle this time) would have Owen back and maybe a couple of other members of the squad back. Tempted to take a wander down to London village for this - depending on the price of the tickets - and the fact its a weeknight kick off - slightly putting me off. lets face it, the state of the chelsea pitch, it would be like a weekend at the coast, with the amount of sand on it - surely there has to be a rule against it.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Lunch

My foot and ankle has been a little sore recently. I think I twisted it a couple of weeks ago when playing football and damaged a muscle and it just hasnt heeled up. I popped into town to get a support bandage to see if I could the damn thing heel up before Wednesday night (and Thursday). I've been after a number of things on my shopping list recently, but been a little lazy and not bothered, but strangely enough, seem to have a new found boost of energy, with getting up "early" both Saturday and Sunday.

I feel that I've always had a mathematical and science brain, but let down the other parts of my brain, so decided to do something about it for a change. I'm keeping it quiet for the time being, but I have given myself a number of challenges to complete that are none technical - just to see if I can get my brain active again. Guess what I'm trying to say, is that I'm sick of drifting around. I dont wish to mention what it is at the moment, because if I dont do anything, or fail, I dont want people pointing the finger and laughing, or taking the piss.

Anyhooo, after picking up some Clinique Happy aftershave (as the american's dont appear to stock it - damn them!) I sent a text to John and Debbie asking if they fancied some lunch in town, to which they were on their way anyhow, so we met up. I had roast beef etc, Debbie copied (tut) and John had a very nice looking sandwich.

After lunch, we went our different directions, I went and bought healthy food from M&S as I'm trying to loose some weight and get fitter over the next couple of days. I managed to get home just as it started getting a bit nippy, then tucked myself up and played Sims2 on my PSP, made a cup of tea and finally watched the most boring Televised FA Cup game in the world.

Anyhow, ended up having a decent early night, feel this week is going to be a good one! yay!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Return of the troubled twosome

John and Debbie returned from NY today! I've been looking after their gaff for the week - you know, usual stuff, bringing the post in, and thought, wouldnt it be nice to get them some milk and bread to ensure they can just sit down when they get back. I've always thought that this is the best way to chill after a holiday - cup of tea, sandwich, shower, relax.

I had a text from Debbie saying they were on their way back - assuming they'd just got back via passport control and would be about 2 more hours - Debbie asked, if I wanted some food, assuming nothing to do with america - but no, if I wanted MacDonalds. So, who am I to say no - and 10 mins later had a text saying come next door to collect the food. Stunned, shocked and nearly wasting away, I had delivered a burger, fries and strawberry milkshake. For all I know - they could have brought it back from America.

Leaving them to unpack and shower ( I had a terrible story about John not showering for for about 48 hours or some sort) and catch up on gossip. A little later, John popped around with some supplies I'd asked to have picked up - including a new 2Gb PSP memory card & Clinique products.

We arranged to pop down for a curry, and have some beverages - hoping to keep them awake as long as possible to readjust into UK time and not get jetlag - after King Babba's we ended up in the jug for what I assumed would be 3 pints and them on the floor. Sadly, it had the reverse effect and after 4 pints I was close to sleeping right then and there - only for John and Debbie insisting that we have 2 more rounds. Just before midnight we ended up leaving, and heading home - me enterting a coma based on mainly Fosters and waking up at 9.30am

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back to the footballing ways

Wednesday saw the return of something very rare in my life - scoring on Wednesday football night. Its a little harder to get a goal these days, mainly because of the standard that actually plays - and also down to the fact that there are alot of showboaters - who'd rather beat 5 players, and take a shot on target. I'd like to think my skills have been improving a little over the last couple of months - and rather than shooting or one touching, I'm running and taking on players.

Of course, I phoned my mother up to say hi etc, and tried to explain this feeling of being about to run, pass and shoot - basically every 11 year old child can do. Although it came out the wrong way, I tried to reexplain the situation, however, just made it sound even more "gayer" than the first time - and eventually give up just to save blushes.

Sadly Thursday football was cancelled, so not getting into the swing of things - all seems stop and start! Boo!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Spring is here ?

Originally uploaded by docwharton.
While on a conf call this morning, I poked my head out the front door to get some fresh air. I found that some flowers are started to, well flower, sadly, none of the daffs have yet tho - but they are looking strong.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Wot no Blog?!

Whoops, kinda got carried away with this none blogging action. Well in a nutshell, what have I been up too ? mostly watching Leam FC play football, laughing at comical own goals at Causeway Town, drinking for birthday, and also a near week of giving up too.

The day after my birthday (2nd) I ended up playing football, without guiness on my stomach, and feeling a little bit more fitter than I did on the 1st. I managed to score three goals in the game, which kinda lifted my feelings up. Thursday just gone, managed to have a stonking game, where for the first time, I was running and controlling the ball, rather than 2 or 3 touch passing. Felt good, and when I explained it to my mother, made me sound like a little kid, but tried to explain that I never really used to play at school, so infact I'm playing catch up with the big kids now. It feels good tho, being able to take giant strides, running, being able to beat people and take on the keeper.

On a brighter note, NUFC decided to get rid of Agent Souness who was taking us down to the Coca Cola Championship. This was a perfect birthday present, the Wednesday night we got tonked 3-0 by Man City - so finding out lunch time the next day that he's been sacked, brought a smile to my face - only annoying thing is he got away with 2million quid - for being shit! Wish work would give me 2 million to walk away for doing a shit job. Next Stop - Football Management!!

In the same week, Sir Shearer (to you and I) managed to get his 201st club goal for Newcastle United - excitement and hair on the back of the neck, and for a change, the club going in the right direction, with back to back wins against Pompey (2-0) and Villa (2-1) - steering, hopefully, away from the relegation zone. Unfortunately, this makes Rich's bet, null and void, although I reckon he could have done with 1200 quid this year.

After a couple of beverages over birthday period, I decided to give up for a week, which lasted 6 days - which is pretty good going, but it was to celebrate the news of my mother selling her house finally, and the fact she was sending me some cash - which isnt too shabby at all. There are supposed to be some photos that Debbie/John and I took for my birthday - however, they are on Debbie's Camera, and we'll have to wait til they get back from US of A.

John and Debbie are away in NY, so I'm keeping an eye on their place, and thankfully, nothing has happened. I always get a little worried when people leave me in charge of their place while on vacation or business, incase something happens - like floods, fires, gas leak - now crap, did I switch that tap off?!?

That concludes the news in brief - I'll have to remember to update more often, I think.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Things not to do #1

Drink Guiness at Lunch time - then play football at 6pm and expect to be fast! Funnily enough, it has the reverse effect and slows you right down.

31 - not so bad ... is it ?

I was told by a friend last year, that turning 30 isnt the problem, its 31 - because you're beyond the age of 30 and at that point, life is down hill - oh how I laughed, but at the back of my mind, thought it might come back to haunt me. Yes, I'm 31, but, as far as I'm aware, I'll full of decent health, have good friends that I trust and have a good social life - and, well a decent well paid job.

When I woke up this morning, I had one eye on reality, and one eye trying to work out why drinking a full bottle of white wine on my own, followed by southern comfort, was making my head bang. I havent taken any time off this year, as, its just another day really now - but made every effort to be "busy" and not get stressed. After picking up the cards my family sent down, I went out to pick the mystery present John and Debbie had promised me, after they said they would drop it off in the early hours (they have keys to my front door). I have never laughed so much, so early in the morning when I found this in my alleyway.

Anyhow, after sorting my mail out and doing "work", Rich kindly phoned up to wish me a happy birthday and invite me down TJs for a swift one *. To which I had a bit of Veggie allday breakfast, couple of soft drinks and a natter with Rich and the lovely bar lady, and even invited her on Holiday after her "I do football, drinking and look very sexy" view on life. After two rounds of softdrinks, I couldnt take anymore, so indulged in some guiness, knowing this would impact my footballing abilities later on. Typical to the "women front" of late, sexy barmaid is seeing a "pecker" as Rich suggested, and he was right.

Plans for this afternoon, play football, then sup slowly down the Well, watching football with some drinking mates, trying to forget how old I am.

All in all, 31 - not a bad way to start a new age, and yes, made a couple of wishes and birthday resolutions.

* Warning - might be two hours