Monday, February 27, 2006

Eye Eye!

I woke up this morning, with tired heavy eyes. This happens to everyone, once in a while, however for some reason I was a little concerned, mainly because I had such a long sleep - maybe thats the reason. Rather than doing what Doc Warburton does, ie, sitting on my fat arse doing bugger all about it, I decided to call the Boots Opticians and make an appointment - luckily they had a free slot at 3.20pm and booked myself in.

I havent had my eyes tested for a while, well, 10 years at least, so it was refreshing to rediscover the attractiveness of the optician ladies - purr! My initial test consisted of 3 tests;

  • Blowing cold air into my eyes
  • Looking down a road with a hot air balloon at the end of a screen.
  • Counting the number of dots on a screen

I did have to laugh a bit, with science advancing so quickly - they still checked my eyes with air, on/off dots on a screen.

I then had to see someone else, who done more tests - this time the stereotypical ones of letters, numbers, dots, colours etc. I like to know whats going on, so shielding the paper and writing while looking at me - doesnt help my confidence! After putting some "glasses" on me, then shining the brightest light down my eyes, writing a little more, and placing the heaviest full stop on the paper, she sighed. Glasses, I was actually getting used to the fact that I would have to wear them, esp after being told twice to go look at them while I was waiting to be seen. However, sadly, I have good eyesight and done need them, so no need for frames around my head or "looking like Professor Yaffle" as Rich suggested - cheers mate!

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missy said...

Oh, such an exciting time! ;-)