Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Birthday Bellis

In true tradional birthday style, it was decided that Mr Bellis' celebration would take place on a thursday in Leamington Spa. Captain Rich kindly arranged all the activities (so it was a wonder everyone who was due to turn up, did) so we started off at the Hogs Head (Old Butchers just doesnt sound right) for a couple of beers. We then went to Chiquos for some grub and ended up feeding Bellis with nice hot spicy food and strong alcohol. Anyone who is anyone and has been out with Mr Bellis on a nightout knows that he has a tendancy of drinking huge amounts in a short space of time, getting boozed up and telling his sob story in some kind of pathetic, but interesting tap session.
Anyhoo, after some interesting food * we ended up having a swift one in Yates which is a pub I associate with chavs. I dont know why, the one in Newcastle is really nice, and I'm told that the one in Nottingham (or whereever bob was trying to suggest in some highpitch sham) is also nice. Anyhow, you have to put up and shut up when its someones birthday, so we had a pint in there where Bellis annnounces he's going to meet up with remaining people over at the Hogs Head, so I suggest that I go with him, incase he has 15 pints in 3 nanoseconds. After 15 pints in 3 nanoseconds, Rich and the remaining party turn up and everyone is a little bit mashed. Rather than going to a club and spending 60 quid on a pint of lager, we decide that we'll go to the Well as its cheap and cheerful - and more importantly, we can blag some more hand puppets.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Happy Friday II

Continuing the theme of going out on friday nights and getting steamed along with some sociable food, John had decided he wanted to go for a Pizza this week rather than a curry. This was fine by me as I'd already had one this week on Wednesday, but John decided he wanted to try the new promotional 4x4 pizza at Pizza Hut. This consisted of a 4 different pizzas, split into four, strange, but very very very true. I went for the tranditional Ham and Pineapple on "Fluffy Pan (tm)" bread (no cherry's tho) and even dabbled in none-alcoholic drinks.
After this, we headed to the Jug for a traditional friday night Jug fueled beer session, but after one pint it was a little busy and we still didnt have a seat. We wandered over to the avenue to see if they had any spare seats, which they didnt, and the same is very true for TJs. We ended up in Kelsey's for a pint when John said he was going to go home to play some Lego Starwars and get an early night. I kindly suggested to Debbie that if she wanted a couple more quiet ones, I would look after her and return her safely to their flat.
Anyhoo, we ventured into the Well, which I havent been in for a while, so was nice to catch up with people I knew quite well - mostly being barstaff. We had a couple and we were about to leave, when I spotted some Chav like boy just helping himself from pumps to fill his pint up. Obviously being upset about this, as my friends from behind the bar have to repay the company for any booze going missing, and more the fact that I didnt think of it first, I passed the message onto an old drinking Chum Barman Jack. Two friendly bouncer people came over, took one look at them (one was still pouring his pint at the time) and chucked them out. I suggested to Jack that I deserved a free pint (or I would help myself from the bar) to which he decided a free drink for me and Debbie would be fitting. You can see the reward here :- Reward
After this crime fighting activity, I was thirsty, so we had a couple more, then they called last orders - and yes, you guessed it, we ended up staying after hours for a nice relaxing beverage with the bar staff. A couple of quiet drinks no, a sociable night out with friends, yes

Thursday, April 21, 2005

no nice jugs

I was in the mood for a thursday night couple of beers and after finishing work, suggested to John and Debbie we pop down to the Jug and Jester for a couple of quiet ones - maybe a bottle of white wine. The main reason behind this was there is a fit barmaid who works there, and got chatting to her last thursday when newcastle got knocked out of European football (who needs europe anyhow!! theres always the league). So Steve's theory was that if she was there last thursday, surely she's gonna be there this week - . Anyhoo, Rich had been off work most of the week being Si Cald, and was just returning to full strength so thought I would invite him out too as a sociable thing to do and to catch up with a friend.
Anyhoo, loads of beers were drank, we were sociable, but not sexy barmaid - boo! Lesson learnt - dont try to hard coz someone upstairs will always knock you right back down! Damn you jebus!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Football, Curry Lager - a man's best friend

After another awful day at work, we played the usual 5aside football over at St Nicks Park. As with last week, we managed to get two hours with of playing due to the chav kids who play at 7 must have been off for half term still. Anyhoo, after these 2 hours and my arms still knackered from monday's gym session, I got the tip off that there were some people out in town from work having a "JTs got a night out pass" sesh. After getting in, showering and jogging up into town, there were the usual suspects, JT (obviously), who looked like he'd been drinking all day, Fursal looking his normal sham, the lovely Donny Bird, Vicky and Captain Blunty. There were some others there - but they were too shit faced to know who I was. From the Lounger, we wandered over to Voodoo (a pub that I hate with a passion) and had a couple more stellas.
After football and 3 pints of Stella, I was feeling the force (anger leads to the dark side!!!) and suggested some kind of late night session at the curry house. 5 others (including blunty and JT attended the Paprika Club which is a place I havent attended for a long time, but has nice good. After far too much beer, there is one thing you dont like to see, a grown man dribbling into his curry, courtesy of JT. At one point it was suggested that Pretty Boy Crossie was gay, and his marrage to his pretty wife was just a sham and cover up, to which he took to quite well, and entered camp mode, "Oh pass me the popadoms darlin'"

Monday, April 18, 2005

noooo mooosic

I recieved a nice text from John (of John and Debbie Inc) asking me if I fancied going down the Jug and Jester to listen to some live music. Its a while since i've been out on a Monday night, and listening to live music, so jumped at the chance. I got down there, John, Debbie (nice hair) and Gav were there and a number of people bustling around. The line up was;

The latter were my fav out of the two, reminded me of the Monkees - but on drugs, and redbull. They were a little punkie, but amusing punk, one of their songs was called FBI (or something like that) about a girlfriend being suspect of an affair - or i could have just made that up. John bought the album, so I'm gonna try ripping it off him - yay!

All in all, an entertaining night had by all

Sunday, April 17, 2005

....well, always the league.

After Thursdays failure to pass thru to the UEFA semi finals, the only chance of silverwear this year is to beat Man United, then Arsenal (in the final) - on a day that started off so beautiful, turned into a complete misery. After suggesting Sunday lunch in a pub for a change, reading the sunday papers and a spot of Cup Glory, we rested our tired heads (me and Rich went out for a couple of beers lastnight) in the Old Butchers (formally the Hogs Head).
After battling my way through the "Authentic French Market" in town, I managed to get to WH Smiths to get the sunday rags. On the way out, door mats with "Bonjour" all over the gaff and 10p mixup sweets galore - hardly French.
Rich looked like he'd done 10 rounds with Tyson while he was eating a Kebab, so decided to skip Lunch incase "He threw up all over my food" - Niice.
Prince John O of the Pig n' Fiddle (Man U fan) decided he would join us for a laugh - which was nice of him. So after Newcastle going 2-0 down at half time, humour dropped to an all time low with grins coming from John O. After feeling a little rough myself, I decided to stay on diet coke and some orange and passion fruit juice - Jeez why ?!? Full time was approaching and for the first time in a while, started to pressure Man U and looked like we could get at least a drawer to take it into extra time. However everytime we countered, Man U done the same - just they scored - Final Score - 4-1 - Once again public humiliation and a year without a trophy.
Conclusion :- Sack Souness before he destroys the team anymore, he couldnt manage a Newsagents, nevermind Newcastle United.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Curry Night :: Happy Friday

Friday night has turned into a Curry night for myself and my two lovely neighbours, John and Debbie. So typically after another crap day at work, we set off down towards King Baba's - after their usual (Jeez, they wont try anything new) and my Chicken Pakora and Chicken Tikka main meal (without onions) and Garlic naan, we headed to the Jug. Sadly the lovely barmaid wasnt there, but the offer of buy 2 glasses of wine - get the rest of the bottle for free was still on - handy and cheap when there are 3 of you. After 5 bottles of wine, i started to feel wrecked, and so did John and Debbie I think - then Captain PFH and Ian turns up - for a little bit of tom foolery (Tom wasnt there).

I decided enough was enough and walked John home - who by this time could barely speak. Debbie and PFH went to Silx for a boogie and continued binge drinking. John fell over in their communal area and had to be picked up - then sent me a rude MSN message saying he wanted big male chickens ... no idea what thats about

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Newcastle, Old Story

Once again, Newcaslte United hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons - this time, Robert making comments about the team and how we've taken a step back from last year. FACT:- He's right! So, in return, Captain "I dont have a clue how to manage a football team, but give me a go and loads of cash too" Souness decides to drop Robert altogether. "Its not about Robert, its not about Shearer, its not about Souness - its about Newcastle United" - so take that as you will - so if its the best for Newcastle United to play the strongest team, then Robert should play. After going 1-0 up in the first half, I was gleefully rubbing my hands together, almost happy for once. Then in 45 mins of stupidity, we conceed 4 goals and get kicked out of a cup we could have won giving the ride from lady luck. This put me in a bad and angry mood - only aided by the lovely barmaid in the Jug and Jester, who had a fantastic smile with firery red hair - which isnt what I tend to go for, but she was happy enough to give me Stella beer mats, even tho I didnt buy Stella.
Newcastle United - Sham!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Faffing around in the desert

After a stressful start to the week, Captain Rich suggested a night out at the cinema. One of his fav books had been made into a film and he was excited like a small child opening presents on Christmas morning. Of course, he arranges it on Wednesday night, meeting at 8ish in Leamington. As you may or may not know, I have football on Wednesday nights starting at 6pm - so I was grinning ear to ear when I thought I could do both - and still have some time for food. Needless to say, the little scroats that play after us, didnt turn up - so we had the pitch for as long as we fancied - well technically til everyone dropped down due to leg failure. We managed to play for 90 mins when people just hoofed the ball around, so we give up the ghost there. Having managed to get a lift to the station, I managed to get the energy back to jog up to my gaff (5 min jog), quick shower, then run into town to meet the princess, the wolf and captain desert storm. Of course I turn up to the cinema sweating like a sweaty thing and my lungs about to collapse (not collapsed lung - thats a band - silly).
Anyhooo, 5 gallons of diet pepsi and a vat of sweet popcorn later - we're in the darkness watching trailers for;
  • starwars III (looks good)
  • war of the worlds (looks good)
  • Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (looks fab)
Anyhoo, the movie we went to see was Sahara - excellent film - one of them you could watch again and again, much to Rich's delight, coz he thought we were gonna hate it.
After the movie, we ended up around the corner for a quick pint of Stella, and ended up in Kelsey's til 1am after a couple more. Nice! All in all, a relaxing fantastic night - just what the Doctor (not Who) ordered for a crap week

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Football is a game of 2 half pints

Rich was kind enough to invite me around to his gaff to watch the weekend - Spurs v Newcastle. Earlier last month, Newcastle beat (or as some greasy haired tap up idiots like to say "won") Spurs 1-0 in the FA Cup to reach the Semi's. My sister is a spurs fan, so we always have a little bit of family banter. Anyhoo, after Newcastle gifted Spurs a goal, we eventually lost, yet again - much to my humour, so I took it out of Rich's nice new PSP and didnt do very well at that. He decided that we went out for a couple of jars to relax on a Sunday night, so we opted for TJs - a nice bar and bistro down the road from me.
After sinking a couple of pints of Stella and reading the sunday papers, I recieved a couple of text messages from a nameless source - and now have resolved the matter and wont hear from her again. Along time coming, but when you care about someone like I did, you always wish there to be a small chance - even tho small it could have been. Anyhoo, I basically told it how it was - ALL or NOTHING - she opted for NOTHING - leaving me to get on with my life - which is cool - just annoying and frustrating.
To perk me up a little - we ventured to Viali's (C) for chips and pitta bread - where I was nearly sick. Roll on Monday!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

We're all going on a summer holiday *

I woke up a little refreshed today, decided I was gonna book a nice summer holiday, so made the effort of going into the travel agents. I'm not embarresed about going on my way, but dont really like the idea of having to book it and having women stare at me, like I'm odd. So I kinda hovered around the door for a while, then wandered off to buy some new trainers - which to be fair are pretty nice. After a little more window shopping (well, you know, I wasnt looking to buy a window, but it looked nice) I popped back in to be greeted by a smilie friendly assistant. This didnt last long as she then told me sarcastically to "sit down young man" and CYPRUS - "YOU WILL GO THERE - ITS GREAT - RIGHT!!!!?!" Thankfully Captain Rich walked in who was taken back when she threated to ban him from the shop - to which, myself and Rich were pretty sarcy towards her back. She was nice, attractive, and slightly on edge - well, way over that edge. I took away a couple of leaflets, and the ones she ripped out of the "local only mag" without booking anything.
Being in shock at that point, I suggested we went for a medicinal beverage - to which we had a few (3 or 4) and I had a spot for food. John O arrived with a glee in his eye and joined in - and we laughed when his horse in the national was knocked over by a stray horse when he was on course to winning 200 notes. His fake smile lasted for about 3 nanoseconds, but me and Rich continued and decided to leave the conversation alone when John was a little angry with red swirly eyes. Rich once again made his excuses and wanted to avoid any all day session (it was around 5.45 by then) so myself and John O went to the Well for more beverage. We bumped into a few people I knew, one of which got dumped by a boyfriend, so we bought her some drinks to cheer her up and got introduced by some 18 year old lass. Quite attractive, so nervous, so nervous in fact, she talked so fast so we couldnt understand - thus forcing us to change the conversation 102 times. This was the general theme til about 12:30 when we were told to leave the pub as they were closing early due to a flood. John O was so out of it, that he followed me towards my house, then complained because it wasnt where he lived - like it was my fault!

Friday, April 08, 2005

Wining Dining Miming

Had a fantastic night tonight, nice and relaxed. Debbie suggested (via MSN while I was working from home) that herself, John and I go out for something to eat - "Because I cant be bothered to make something tonight for me and John". A curry was decided, and we ended up Kizmet (next door to my fav Pizza place ever) in town, after my usual, Chick Pak and Chick Pit, we ended up in the Jug for the "buy two glasses of wine, get the third free" offer - fantastically cheap round for three people of 5 quid. So after the 4th round of wine, and feeling a little knackered we ended up walking hope - and strong tho I am, I went straight to bed - rather than taking up the usual kind offer of beers next door.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Sporting Play

Newcastle played their 1st game in the Quarter finals of the UEFA Cup (probaly our only chance of silver wear this year - and technically for the last 50 years). I managed to convince Rich to pop out for a Pizza at Piccolinos - which is a fab place bottom of town. We havent been there for ages ( infact the last time was boozed up as part of the last major internation football contest back in the summer of 2004 ). After that, and a couple of beers, we pottered over to the Jug to catch the game - sadly a dull affair, probably still marred by last weekends trouble at St James Park, however the beer still flowed. Captain John O turned up with his lady friend and we chatted, chilled and some of swore at football and many other external factors that no longer matter. Around 11pm, Rich announces that he was going home to sleep - yes, you can imagine it - there was also pinky little fairies, chocolate rabbits and little green men walking around as me and John O looked at each other in panic and concern. Turns out that Skip Rich had to be in London with Spanner Roots and Muscleman JT and he didnt wanna look crap all day - fair enough, but we were still confused and stunned. After a couple more beers and chatting, we decided it was time to leave - well technically we were told to leave by the bar staff who wanted to go home - which was probably just as well.