Saturday, April 23, 2005

Happy Friday II

Continuing the theme of going out on friday nights and getting steamed along with some sociable food, John had decided he wanted to go for a Pizza this week rather than a curry. This was fine by me as I'd already had one this week on Wednesday, but John decided he wanted to try the new promotional 4x4 pizza at Pizza Hut. This consisted of a 4 different pizzas, split into four, strange, but very very very true. I went for the tranditional Ham and Pineapple on "Fluffy Pan (tm)" bread (no cherry's tho) and even dabbled in none-alcoholic drinks.
After this, we headed to the Jug for a traditional friday night Jug fueled beer session, but after one pint it was a little busy and we still didnt have a seat. We wandered over to the avenue to see if they had any spare seats, which they didnt, and the same is very true for TJs. We ended up in Kelsey's for a pint when John said he was going to go home to play some Lego Starwars and get an early night. I kindly suggested to Debbie that if she wanted a couple more quiet ones, I would look after her and return her safely to their flat.
Anyhoo, we ventured into the Well, which I havent been in for a while, so was nice to catch up with people I knew quite well - mostly being barstaff. We had a couple and we were about to leave, when I spotted some Chav like boy just helping himself from pumps to fill his pint up. Obviously being upset about this, as my friends from behind the bar have to repay the company for any booze going missing, and more the fact that I didnt think of it first, I passed the message onto an old drinking Chum Barman Jack. Two friendly bouncer people came over, took one look at them (one was still pouring his pint at the time) and chucked them out. I suggested to Jack that I deserved a free pint (or I would help myself from the bar) to which he decided a free drink for me and Debbie would be fitting. You can see the reward here :- Reward
After this crime fighting activity, I was thirsty, so we had a couple more, then they called last orders - and yes, you guessed it, we ended up staying after hours for a nice relaxing beverage with the bar staff. A couple of quiet drinks no, a sociable night out with friends, yes

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