Monday, April 18, 2005

noooo mooosic

I recieved a nice text from John (of John and Debbie Inc) asking me if I fancied going down the Jug and Jester to listen to some live music. Its a while since i've been out on a Monday night, and listening to live music, so jumped at the chance. I got down there, John, Debbie (nice hair) and Gav were there and a number of people bustling around. The line up was;

The latter were my fav out of the two, reminded me of the Monkees - but on drugs, and redbull. They were a little punkie, but amusing punk, one of their songs was called FBI (or something like that) about a girlfriend being suspect of an affair - or i could have just made that up. John bought the album, so I'm gonna try ripping it off him - yay!

All in all, an entertaining night had by all

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