Friday, April 29, 2005

Happy Birthday Bellis

In true tradional birthday style, it was decided that Mr Bellis' celebration would take place on a thursday in Leamington Spa. Captain Rich kindly arranged all the activities (so it was a wonder everyone who was due to turn up, did) so we started off at the Hogs Head (Old Butchers just doesnt sound right) for a couple of beers. We then went to Chiquos for some grub and ended up feeding Bellis with nice hot spicy food and strong alcohol. Anyone who is anyone and has been out with Mr Bellis on a nightout knows that he has a tendancy of drinking huge amounts in a short space of time, getting boozed up and telling his sob story in some kind of pathetic, but interesting tap session.
Anyhoo, after some interesting food * we ended up having a swift one in Yates which is a pub I associate with chavs. I dont know why, the one in Newcastle is really nice, and I'm told that the one in Nottingham (or whereever bob was trying to suggest in some highpitch sham) is also nice. Anyhow, you have to put up and shut up when its someones birthday, so we had a pint in there where Bellis annnounces he's going to meet up with remaining people over at the Hogs Head, so I suggest that I go with him, incase he has 15 pints in 3 nanoseconds. After 15 pints in 3 nanoseconds, Rich and the remaining party turn up and everyone is a little bit mashed. Rather than going to a club and spending 60 quid on a pint of lager, we decide that we'll go to the Well as its cheap and cheerful - and more importantly, we can blag some more hand puppets.

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