Friday, April 15, 2005

Curry Night :: Happy Friday

Friday night has turned into a Curry night for myself and my two lovely neighbours, John and Debbie. So typically after another crap day at work, we set off down towards King Baba's - after their usual (Jeez, they wont try anything new) and my Chicken Pakora and Chicken Tikka main meal (without onions) and Garlic naan, we headed to the Jug. Sadly the lovely barmaid wasnt there, but the offer of buy 2 glasses of wine - get the rest of the bottle for free was still on - handy and cheap when there are 3 of you. After 5 bottles of wine, i started to feel wrecked, and so did John and Debbie I think - then Captain PFH and Ian turns up - for a little bit of tom foolery (Tom wasnt there).

I decided enough was enough and walked John home - who by this time could barely speak. Debbie and PFH went to Silx for a boogie and continued binge drinking. John fell over in their communal area and had to be picked up - then sent me a rude MSN message saying he wanted big male chickens ... no idea what thats about

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