Sunday, April 17, 2005

....well, always the league.

After Thursdays failure to pass thru to the UEFA semi finals, the only chance of silverwear this year is to beat Man United, then Arsenal (in the final) - on a day that started off so beautiful, turned into a complete misery. After suggesting Sunday lunch in a pub for a change, reading the sunday papers and a spot of Cup Glory, we rested our tired heads (me and Rich went out for a couple of beers lastnight) in the Old Butchers (formally the Hogs Head).
After battling my way through the "Authentic French Market" in town, I managed to get to WH Smiths to get the sunday rags. On the way out, door mats with "Bonjour" all over the gaff and 10p mixup sweets galore - hardly French.
Rich looked like he'd done 10 rounds with Tyson while he was eating a Kebab, so decided to skip Lunch incase "He threw up all over my food" - Niice.
Prince John O of the Pig n' Fiddle (Man U fan) decided he would join us for a laugh - which was nice of him. So after Newcastle going 2-0 down at half time, humour dropped to an all time low with grins coming from John O. After feeling a little rough myself, I decided to stay on diet coke and some orange and passion fruit juice - Jeez why ?!? Full time was approaching and for the first time in a while, started to pressure Man U and looked like we could get at least a drawer to take it into extra time. However everytime we countered, Man U done the same - just they scored - Final Score - 4-1 - Once again public humiliation and a year without a trophy.
Conclusion :- Sack Souness before he destroys the team anymore, he couldnt manage a Newsagents, nevermind Newcastle United.

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