Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Football, Curry Lager - a man's best friend

After another awful day at work, we played the usual 5aside football over at St Nicks Park. As with last week, we managed to get two hours with of playing due to the chav kids who play at 7 must have been off for half term still. Anyhoo, after these 2 hours and my arms still knackered from monday's gym session, I got the tip off that there were some people out in town from work having a "JTs got a night out pass" sesh. After getting in, showering and jogging up into town, there were the usual suspects, JT (obviously), who looked like he'd been drinking all day, Fursal looking his normal sham, the lovely Donny Bird, Vicky and Captain Blunty. There were some others there - but they were too shit faced to know who I was. From the Lounger, we wandered over to Voodoo (a pub that I hate with a passion) and had a couple more stellas.
After football and 3 pints of Stella, I was feeling the force (anger leads to the dark side!!!) and suggested some kind of late night session at the curry house. 5 others (including blunty and JT attended the Paprika Club which is a place I havent attended for a long time, but has nice good. After far too much beer, there is one thing you dont like to see, a grown man dribbling into his curry, courtesy of JT. At one point it was suggested that Pretty Boy Crossie was gay, and his marrage to his pretty wife was just a sham and cover up, to which he took to quite well, and entered camp mode, "Oh pass me the popadoms darlin'"

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