Thursday, April 21, 2005

no nice jugs

I was in the mood for a thursday night couple of beers and after finishing work, suggested to John and Debbie we pop down to the Jug and Jester for a couple of quiet ones - maybe a bottle of white wine. The main reason behind this was there is a fit barmaid who works there, and got chatting to her last thursday when newcastle got knocked out of European football (who needs europe anyhow!! theres always the league). So Steve's theory was that if she was there last thursday, surely she's gonna be there this week - . Anyhoo, Rich had been off work most of the week being Si Cald, and was just returning to full strength so thought I would invite him out too as a sociable thing to do and to catch up with a friend.
Anyhoo, loads of beers were drank, we were sociable, but not sexy barmaid - boo! Lesson learnt - dont try to hard coz someone upstairs will always knock you right back down! Damn you jebus!!

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