Sunday, May 01, 2005

Canal Fest :: Lovely

Friday afternoon was lovely to work from home. Sat by the canal working in the sun (squinting at the laptop in the bright light and heat) a number of barges moored up, unloaded and wandered into town. All good and well you think, and I was amused by the fact most of them had beards and jesus like footwear. Anyhow, I pottered about a bit, went into town, bought a couple of vintage Dr Who DVDs and some food. Got back to my gaff and it was something like out of howards way with rows and rows of canal barges.
Anyhoo, the darkness appears (not the band, the time of day) and Captain Rich (without his canal barge) asks if I would be interested in a quiet drink, of which, how could I refuse. Things are a little hazy, but I can only assume alcohol was involved.
The next morning, I wake up to some Canal-Fest (tm) on the opposite side of the towpath. All good and well, but when you over look it the festival from the front room, it becomes a bit of an issue - well, only by the fact I couldnt walk around naked.
After sunbathing, reading a book, and getting looked at by passers by on the canal, I decided a walk up to homebase to buy some plants and gloss paint for the windows was in order. Nice brisk walk in the sun (and my arms getting eggshell white) and 25 quid lighter I returned to loads of people taking photos of our building, so abuse was in order. Returned to my bottle of wine after dark and started watching the 2nd of the 2 Dr Who DVDs I bought the previous day - then ended up in bed somehow after ending up in a coma.
Now, Sunday, a day of rest, sleeping and coma recovery - you would think - no, not really - Culture Club and Karma Chameleon blasting at 3 million decibels is always a great way to wake up. During sunday lunch, I was subjected to live music, consisting of "the boys are back in town" , "Day Tripper" and other random tracks from way back then. The princess and the wolf came around for a visit, who then successfully a) tidied up my plants and b) got rid of my weeds while I sat around and sunbathed a little further.

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