Saturday, May 21, 2005

FA Cup Final 2005 :: Wasting my time and energy

Captain Rich had mentioned during the week that there might be an FA Cup booze up session on saturday afternoon, but hadnt made much of an effort in the way of plans. After a nice sleep in on saturday morning, I popped into town to get some food, and some new jeans, gave Rich a call and tried to work out what was happening. Anyhoo, that was still undecided, so we plucked the Well, mainly because its cheap for beer - we arranged to get there for around 2.30 to get a pint in and get a decent chair. Captain Blunty, Captain John-O, and Shamster Fursal turned up and we all enjoyed American related football banter to wind up Man U-mad John-O. After 90 minutes of boredom (well technically Rich was only interested coz he had 2 notes on the game - which ruined his "get back into black campaign" in the first 45 mins) - the two teams decided they havent pushed us to the levels of depression enough, so made us endure a further 30 mins of extra time.
The game of course went to pen's - which from my own football related misery, can relate to the stress John-O was going through, but I still laughed. I went into the game hoping Arsenal would scoop the prize, until some prize pecker decided to annoy the pub with his singing, chanting, spuring his team on and jumping around like a stunt man - this changed my mind to "follow" the red devils *spit*. This jumping around and general state of this bloke's sham continued, so I felt the need to "tell him how it was" which stressed me out a little more.
After the misery of the football, John-O left to see some bird, Rich left to continue his "drinking-lite" program, so it was left to Blunty, me and Fursal to continue the drinking. We ordered some food, the chairs and tables were somehow moved around without me seeing who done it, and sat down to watch Dr Who on the big screen (in between getting a kiss on the cheek from the lovely barmaid again - mmm). The Theme tune kicked off, our food arrived in perfect timing - we started watching the graphics - then all of a sudden, TV changed to the music jukebox. I asked why, and got "they arnt allowed to show it" - but 30 mins earlier - they had BBC 1 on for the FA Cup Final. At this point I was told to shut up and eat my food - nice, customer service skills going up then.
Anyhooo, rather than moving around, we decided to prop the end of the bar up for a little longer - then Blunty (who would die apparently if he drank lager) showed us the world of Spiced Rum and Coke - tastes like "pop" and appears not to get you drunk - one of these new age slow drinks, if you will. We continued this, had a laugh, took the mic out of Fursal, tried to flirt with the lovely barmaid and almost nigh on impossible, trying to make Larry smile. After last orders, we ordered another round of drinks using the "special tuesday" rate and sup'd up. After we eventually decided to leave, we ventured down to Viali's for some special food - namely chips and pitta bread - mmm. At this point Fursal's lass phoned him and turns out she was in the buff in bed - which is lovely, until I end up speaking to her and having a completely bizzar conversation with her, esp when he was standing right there. Its just not right!! simple as that.

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