Monday, May 30, 2005

Robbins Well Quiz - GOLD!

Its been a long time coming, but Steve and Rich return to the Sunday Night pub quiz for a bit of banter, a little more alcohol and a little more utilising external resources. I bumped into Rich in town earlier that day and asked if he fancied it, and by that point he wasnt really sure, and I was very close to just having a fairly quiet night in front of the TV with maybe a a glass or two of wine. Mmmm Wine.

Anyhoo, in a phone call of desperation, Rich asked if I was still up for it, and we arranged to meet just after 7ish - where we joined Bootsy and his Ginger headed friend for the quiz. We got off to a good start, a little help from the barstaff I have to admit, but we filled the picture round in, and successfully managed to get into a 4 way tie with 3 other teams - we should have one that "peg head" tie, only due to some peckers pecking around. Almost immediately, these peckers invaded my private space with a view to stealing our answers. 2nd round, we managed to win by 1 point - going ahead of the pecker team, who by now had a subscription to o2's WAP service and were paying by the minute. The 3rd round was again tied, and after Bootsy and his Ginger headed partner in crime had done the 1st tie breaker, Rich agreed to come up with me - not really knowing it was "paint a car crash" - and at that point not really knowing that he was the canvas to which my artistic talents would be used. As you can see below - a fantastic image - where as the other 3 teams decided that ALL BLACK represented a car crash (no, fools) so Captain Andy decided whoever got to Vialli's and back again first would win.

Rich, pictured centre - looking like a victim of hit and run

Anyone knowing Rich, would understand that sprinting 300metres is not his strong point, unless there is a) Stella b) Stella or c) Stella involved. So we lost that round, but still managed to keep our heads above the quiz water. The General knowledge round appeared to be our strong point, mainly due to Bootsy having to draw the best Leech in the room - which he done very well, earning us 5 extra bonus points and the pecker team dropping a couple.

We managed to get 10 out of 10 on the pic round, and 10 out of 12 on the PS2 round (substituted for the sports round for some strange reason) - only dropping one point against the peckers.

Net result - 4 people winning 78 quid, voucher for 4 Pizza Hut, 4 Luxury Burgers and a big smile! Fantastic, being kind that I am, I suggested to the Team that we put 10 quid behind the bar to the staff as they did technically help us win it.

Other highlights of the night :-
  • A grown 20 odd year old - Boozed up and crying, so much so, that when he stood up, he cried, when he sat down, stopped, but then continued crying. Brought so much humour to the Well, that everyone was stood around him, rubbing their eyes, and sniffing and mocking the water works. Worked tho, had loads of birds around him looking after him - note to self - cry in public place and get women looking after you and touching you all over
  • GOLD (Spandau Ballet) being shouted for, and this time, not really by us. See, people say sometimes that I'm not cultured, although I have brought Spandau Ballet and Gold to the lives of litterally 100s of people. This was a nice chinwag
  • Seeing the nice barmaid smile (and remembering that Debbie said that she is the ideal person for me, from the Eurovision song contest party)
  • Rugby tackling the guys coming in from "Vialli's Race" while Rich was trying to catch up
  • Watching Rich barely able to speak and heading towards Vialli's for a Kebab
All in all, a good profit making night

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