Friday, May 06, 2005

Qui ?

after being rejected for the 2nd time from the lovely Sophie (France) over the football subject, she asked if I was interested in meeting up with her friends at a local pub, so of course I agree. Its not often you meet someone who is so nice on the outside and also on the inside - and has such a fantastic smile (something I really go for), so obviously being serioulsly interested, I agree but suggest that I might not be able to make the 5pm kick off due to some people wanting to do their own things. So me and Captain Tatt escape from the mental office to have a couple of beers and some food and eventually some chin wag. Mark decides he wants to have a quiet night, and in reality, if I wasnt that interested in Soph, I might have done the same thing - but sadly - Captain Channing and myself walk the streets of London to meet up with the party of colleagues.
Sophie had previously given me her number incase of any issues, and thats a massive step, I dont really do that kind of thing, well without going "Captain Scarlett" but without the Mysterons, but we get on well. So without wanting to look wet and phone up saying "please, I dont live here, can you help, si cald" we wandered around and eventually found this place under the railway tracks. Nice place, so after captain Channing decided to coat me in red wine over my nice white tshirt, myself and Sophie get chatting. Earlier, her mate said that she didnt want to see Soph get hurt and used and abused, and close friends will vouch that I dont do that kind of thing and told Soph's friend this. Having 4 pints before hand, I was a little drunk, but also a little geordie-cocky (tm) so asked Sophie if she would be interested in coming to see me one weekend - which maybe she's just nodding to keep me quiet, or she would like to come see me for a weekend, I really do hope its the latter.
We get out of this pub (Ev) and someone suggests going back to a flat, and after returning to the "I'm 16 mister, can you sell me some booze after hours in a town where I dont know, nor do I know you are an undercover copper" we get a mixture of Fosters, Port, Cider and god knows what else. On arrival at this blokes place, he decides porn is the way forward, to which the girls make a fast exit, so I change the scene by finding "best of the 80s CD" unopened and play this at massive volumes on his nice brand new stereo, much to his displeasure. After talking, smiling, looking at the floor thinking what the hell is going on, we end up leaving around 02:45, only to get to bed after a 20 min walk and needing to be checked out of the hotel by 10am. Ended up with breakfast, just, and not giving back any free vommit style breakfast, I ventured to work, where we done some work, I looked pie-eyed, as did many others and left London to return to leamington around 4pm - nice. The hotel were kind enough to only charge me only 2 out of the 3 nights I was there, so at least I've managed to input into the business's cost recovery scheme *

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