Friday, May 13, 2005

Happy Friday the 13th - So True

Today lived up to the expectations - so much so, I should have just rolled over and went back to sleep. From the minute I logged on, til around 6.30pm working - nothing but hassle, pain, pressure and stress. People wanting stuff done because the felt the need to annoy me and my team - all good and well you think - but not when its around 4.30 pm and you would think people should be going home.
My saving friday grace - winding down beverage - however someone was missing - the funnier half of Leamington Spa's Rod Hull and Emu. John had decided he was going to Brum for the weekend for a stag do, and I was given the fantastic, but challenging opportunity of entertaining young Debbie. So we decided to carry on the theme of Happy Friday Curry - beer, wine and late nights. This was great until we got to the Curry House, where I felt I should just head back then. Not only was it friday the 13th, but we had also entered the strange and bizzar < insert music from tales of the unexpected > of THE GAYEST CURRY HOUSE IN THE WORLD.
All seemed well, until we sat down, ordered a drink and some food, and waiter #1 commented on how well dressed I was, not a word to poor debbie (looking lady like). Waiter #2 then commented on how lovely my new phone looked, then waiter #3 walked up and said "Easy Tiger!". Sadly we didnt go back home, but indulged in further exploits in alcohol abuse but having a pint or two in the Jug and Jester, then heading over to the Well for a couple.
This is where I received a phone call from the lovely Helen who lives with one of the students I worked with last year, Dr David Kelly, much to my amusement. He's not actually a Doctor, nor is he working undercover as a weapons inspector, but it was topical at the time and its just gone on from there. Anyhoo, I arranged to meet the lovely Helen, and Dr David Kelly in the Lounge - where we had a quick drink, said hellos ( esp when this is the first time ive actually met her ) and wished lovely Helen a happy birthday. I asked if they fancied coming back to the Well for a couple as thats what you do on your birthday, but as they had exams on Monday, they decided it probably wasnt wise. At which point, a number of random comments were shouted from around the table such as;
  • "The Internet is Broken, its Broken, THE INTERNET IS BROKEN"
  • "When we were at Uni, we used to turn up drunk to exams and still pass"
  • "Oh Helen, you are lovely"
  • "mmm this Stella tastes fine - Rich would love a nice pint of this"
  • "Pecker"

Of course, we convinced the students to come for a drink before their last bus turned up - one student was litterally shaking when we got to the Well, still convinced that the Virtual World was falling down on the e-Chicken Licken and still being bellowed at by Debbie.

After this, the students buggered off to student-ville and myself and Debbie kept the side up, but drinking more, getting locked in after hours once the bouncer had worked out who Larry ("Larry who ?", 'You know, the Larry who pays your wages') was. After getting a couple of kisses on the cheek from a drunken barmaid who had the night off, it was safe to return home for a coma-based sleep.

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