Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Football Objective #4 :: Completed.

I've got a number of goals in life, some are linked to the football world. One of which was seeing Newcastle United play in London against a London Team. Spookily, Wednesday night, Fulham hosted the toon, so after asking if Captain Tatt was interesting in taking some football, I ordered 2 tickets on the super-inter-web-high-way from their webpage and told to pick them up a couple of mins before the game. As it was out first day on the test, it was taking the mic a little to ask to leave early - but we did anyhow. We get the tube from black friars over to putney bridge and enjoy the spacious transportation that London underground could provide * (Warning :- no personal space whatsoever). We get to Earls Court, and 4 pretty attractive 18/19 year old girls get on, look at me, smile and talk in tongues with each other. One of them then walks up to me and asks, "Are you going to Craven Cottage? ", to which I reply, "Yes", she then asks, "Do you know the way?", and to my delight I reply with "No". I suggested that we stuck together, mainly because they were fit and I was lost in London.
Anyhoo, we get to Craven Cottage, pick the tickets up, have a beer and a hotdog and we're wired for sound - only to find the seats. I've been to a number of stadiums and they tend to bung the away fans in a corner - or in the worst section with minimal view. We had tickets about 10 rows behind the goal and on a level where you could almost touch the players - fantastic.
The away toon army fans in my personal opinion are much better than the home toon fans, 90 mins of constant singing, banter and putting the home fans to shame. Some of the songs included:-
  • "Ohh Shola Am-eobi" to the Hoke Coke
  • Stand up if you love the toon
  • Shirts off, if you love the toon
  • Pogo if you love the toon
  • (my fav) Shoes off if you love the toon
  • Clarkie is a Geordie (to the Fulham midfielder who used to play for us)
  • There's only one, Shay Given

There was some London Toff "toon" fan who was so boozed off his face, he randomly tried to get his section to stand up and "love the toon" - but done it so pathetically, it was funny. After 30 mins of standing up, turning around, "conducting" his section with his fingers, someone shouts out "Shut up and sit down" - I can only describe this guy of curling up in a ball and nearly crying.

Anyhoo, the Toon won 3-1 - the first time in craven cottage for about 30 years - and a change from getting beaten. After the players came off, we returned to the tube station, only to get back to the hotel in time to have 2 pints and an early night.

Fantastic night.

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