Sunday, May 15, 2005

Chilled Out Saturday

After the night before of the strange, I decided probably sleeping a little was wise - well, you know, how much more of Debbie could I take. She was very lady like - but also very time consuming. I arose around lunch time, and straight away, she was asking what we were up too, a little like one of them springer spanials - but just drinks like a fish.
Anyhoo, after hours of nagging I finally agreed to spend some more time with her, so we went up to the Ford garage to look for a new car. Its been a while without a car and now get the urge to go with a car - something simple, sometime cheap, something like a normal Ford Ka - however ended up coming out with information on SportsKa and Fiest Zetec S (something I was looking at back in Jan).
Once we got back from the garage, we walked into town, wandered around and perfection - complete and utter silence - Debbie tucks into her Hot Beef Sandwich. Tell you, 20 mins of pure silence ;o). Na - I'm joking of course, we done some shopping, decided that after we got back, we should dye my hair. Dont know what happened, maybe it was the 30 mins in Boots pickering about what Shampoo she wanted, but I fancied a change. We picked Copper Blonde, dont know why, just looked a half way house at the time, nothing to dark, nothing to light - but we went with it anyhow. We got back, had "Steve-free quality time" ironed some clothes to pop out for some beer, Debbie kindly ordered a couple of pizzas and came around to dye my hair. its one of them wash in-washout things, but to be fair, I dont think either of us have a clue.
After looking completely confused at the fact that there was no change whatsoever, we sat down and watched Dr Who and ate our pizza, still looking confused at my hair. Once completed, we got out gladrags on, and popped down to the Jug for a couple of bottles of wine, thats all it was supposed to be, but as per the norm, didnt. We ended up in the Well, drinking bottles of italian beer or mexican beer - depending on the owner and chitchatting to random people. We had a couple of beers, sang to "buttercup" and ended up getting locked in, once again, talking to the barstaff , this time getting a sober kiss from the lovely barmaid - mmmm.
Once again, we returned to Canal House Towers, agreeing maybe it wasnt such a great idea that we sank two bottles of wine and then drank beer for 6 hours, tipped our hats and wished each other good day only to fall into some kind of wine/beer-based coma.

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