Thursday, May 26, 2005

Full House

After playing 5aside football, I arranged to meet Captain Rich and Sailorboy Blunty down the pub to watch the Liverpool v Milan cup final. This time last year, Newcastle United were fighting to gain 4th spot in the league to get into the league, only to miss out final game of the season (needing a win, from what I can remember). Anyhoo, due to the fact I had to call my mother, I was running late and attended just as Milan scored their 2nd goal (1st goal scored after 4 nanoseconds or something). At half time, Milan were ahead 3-0, and the night looking a little miserable, the guy standing at the bar gave some kind of abuse, admitted he was a scouser and was going back to his hotel. In 10 mins of complete madness, Liverpool managed to level it back to 3-3 and took the game to pens (always a miserable life if you're a toon fan) - and somehow managed to win. We can only assume that this scouse bloke went back to the hotel, watched xxx films all night to cheer himself up - missed the full game and drank himself into a coma, only to miss one of the most exciting finals in history.
Anyhoooooooooooooooooo, at 10:45, Captain Rich made his excuses and left due to the fact he had customer meetings first thing in the morning. Myself and Blunty decided to drink on, although fearing it was going to be messy as I came out on an empty stomach. Takeaway or some kind of curry was on the cards, but as per the norm, we stayed after hours, this time, being invited into a game of Poker. I played poker once - when i was 14, against Pete Williams, Phil Lynch and Rich Bradford - and due to being so boozed up on White Lightening or something, we just laughed our heads off and lost matchsticks. Anyway, myself and Blunty said we would just watch and we got some bottles and sat quietly in the darkness (not heckling at all *)
I managed to get back at 2am or some grand time, allowing me to look like crap, and feel like crap for the most of the day.

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