Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy BBQ Friday & Big Brother 6

After abusing my body with Alcohol badly since Tuesday, I thought I had better quieten down, before my body just breaks - and nobody wants a broken body, do they ? So, rather than the typical Curry, Wine, Late night Happy Friday, I thought I would dust of the BBQ for the first time this year, buy charcole and invite the Happy Friday Gang around - to which they done a great job purchasing lovely BBQ'ing style food - burgers, sausages n' such like. 2 nano seconds before I was about to start the BBQ, get it up and ready for the lovely neighbours arriving, my boss kindly gave me a call and asked if I could help with a few things, which is where I found Rich having his own Hell Friday trying to resolve some issues - so asked if he fancied coming down later on. Once resolving what was my side of the problem - aka battered it onto the people who should have got called out on a Friday afternoon, the BBQ was lit, the guests arrived and indulged in some slow wine drinking by the side of the canal. Towards finishing food, john reminded us that Big Brother was starting tonight and if I fancied joining them next door at their gaff to freakbash the new contestants - who could refuse that?
Supping on the next bottle of relaxing white wine - mmm - the contestants went in one by one - each one becoming freakier, scarier, bitchier and more self obsessed than the previous one. Reality TV should be about normal people interacting with other normal people - not systematically hand picked to see if Mr Chalk and Miss Cheese will cop off with one another, or Miss Labour Lesbian will punch Mr Conservative Gayhater, nor Miss stereotypical barbie/professional model would get her waps out in 3 nanoseconds of getting into the blunge pool. Anyhoooo, after this thought bothering me for more than 2 seconds, I started to drool at the profressional model who had lovely big waps and wondered when she would be getting them out in public.
After watching Big Brother, and Big Brother's little Brother and a big of Big Brother Live - John switched over to Channel 4 to see "Johnny Vegas - 18 stone of Idiot" which has to be one of the funniest and strangest TV Comedy/Live Show I've seen for a long while. One of the sections was TV Reality "Celeb Lock-in" where z-list celebs battle it out to be the last man standing - "Who goes, the Booze decides". During this, I received text messages from an old fling, faffing around with me in a boozed up state on a complete wind up - annoying and pissing me off.
After this finished and myself and Debbie shared the best part of 3 or 4 bottles of wine - I decided to waddle back to my place, where I found myself still logged into work, and was asked to go in to work to give some onsite presence. Turns out, this problem I earlier battered back had escalated (no fault of my own) and there was noone in Warwick. I explained I didnt have a car, even if I had, I couldnt legally drive, and even getting past them two small issues, I might not have got past reception, mainly due to the fact I ws stinking of 4 bottles of wine, BBQ smoke and firelighters. To which point, I fell into my coma

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