Wednesday, February 01, 2006

31 - not so bad ... is it ?

I was told by a friend last year, that turning 30 isnt the problem, its 31 - because you're beyond the age of 30 and at that point, life is down hill - oh how I laughed, but at the back of my mind, thought it might come back to haunt me. Yes, I'm 31, but, as far as I'm aware, I'll full of decent health, have good friends that I trust and have a good social life - and, well a decent well paid job.

When I woke up this morning, I had one eye on reality, and one eye trying to work out why drinking a full bottle of white wine on my own, followed by southern comfort, was making my head bang. I havent taken any time off this year, as, its just another day really now - but made every effort to be "busy" and not get stressed. After picking up the cards my family sent down, I went out to pick the mystery present John and Debbie had promised me, after they said they would drop it off in the early hours (they have keys to my front door). I have never laughed so much, so early in the morning when I found this in my alleyway.

Anyhow, after sorting my mail out and doing "work", Rich kindly phoned up to wish me a happy birthday and invite me down TJs for a swift one *. To which I had a bit of Veggie allday breakfast, couple of soft drinks and a natter with Rich and the lovely bar lady, and even invited her on Holiday after her "I do football, drinking and look very sexy" view on life. After two rounds of softdrinks, I couldnt take anymore, so indulged in some guiness, knowing this would impact my footballing abilities later on. Typical to the "women front" of late, sexy barmaid is seeing a "pecker" as Rich suggested, and he was right.

Plans for this afternoon, play football, then sup slowly down the Well, watching football with some drinking mates, trying to forget how old I am.

All in all, 31 - not a bad way to start a new age, and yes, made a couple of wishes and birthday resolutions.

* Warning - might be two hours

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