Friday, February 24, 2006

magical world of McVities

I ran out of milk this morning - always the way on a friday morning after a couple of glasses of water. After popping out in the freezing cold, with enough change to purchase a 2 pint bottle of milk, and a 20 quid note in my pocket, I stumbled across a promotion stand for Jaffa Cakes.

They had the traditional jaffa cakes, and a sign saying buy 2 for 99p - "mmm", I thought, then noticed different colour boxes - a purple colour, and then a greeny yellow colour. Turns out they've brought out two new ranges, blackcurrent (half way through a box of 12 now) and Zingy Lemon and Lime flavour!.

An information box also says, "Each McVitie's Jaffa Cake contains lots of energy, and only 1.0g of far per cake. That is why they are recommended by sports nutristionists." Bonus - you eat jaffa cakes and get fit!.

Update :- all gone!


missy said...

Jaffa makes you fit?? What is the world coming to?

John Hartnup said...

By that logic eating sugar straight out of the bag makes you fit.