Monday, February 20, 2006

Hrm - Mondays!!

I woke up at 7am, to my phone giving me an alert to Emily's birthday. I dont know if its supposed to alert a week before, or if I was just dumb enough to get the wrong week - anyhow, needless to say, I was a bit miffed that I was up early and sent a text to Emily saying Happy Birthday when it wasnt.

I managed to roll over and get another 60 mins worth of sleep, when the people up stairs with clogs decided to jump down each stair at a time - dont know why they do it, however, I've come to the conclusion, my cursing doesnt effect them. After getting up and showered (before 10am is good for me) I made myself a cup of tea, only to work out that the milk was 2 days out of date - and I made three massive starbuck size mugs of tea. This of course made my stomach churn a tad, but, I needed tea, so ended up popping to the corner shop getting milk, and somehow, £19 worth of other things - how, I dont know.

The day so far, as been, interesting, but quiet in terms of nutcases trying to such my brains dry - maybe its half term and most of the workshy crazies are on holiday. Logging in was amusing, finding a block of 4 emails together, asking people to "see pavaroti", "join yoga" and "would you like to see the doll show at the NEC" - and people wonder why we have problems. Dont get me wrong, I'm sure if I enjoyed looking and smiling at dolls, stretching my legs around my head, or listening to a fat man sing in a language I cant understand - I reckon I would be interested. Just not when I'm working!

Newcastle have just drawn Chelsea away in the FA cup - looks like thats our exit, however it SO could have been Leamington v Newcastle. Well, only if we'd scored 9 more goals against Colchester, got through the next round and then beaten Chelsea. I'm hoping by that time, we (newcastle this time) would have Owen back and maybe a couple of other members of the squad back. Tempted to take a wander down to London village for this - depending on the price of the tickets - and the fact its a weeknight kick off - slightly putting me off. lets face it, the state of the chelsea pitch, it would be like a weekend at the coast, with the amount of sand on it - surely there has to be a rule against it.

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