Saturday, February 18, 2006

Return of the troubled twosome

John and Debbie returned from NY today! I've been looking after their gaff for the week - you know, usual stuff, bringing the post in, and thought, wouldnt it be nice to get them some milk and bread to ensure they can just sit down when they get back. I've always thought that this is the best way to chill after a holiday - cup of tea, sandwich, shower, relax.

I had a text from Debbie saying they were on their way back - assuming they'd just got back via passport control and would be about 2 more hours - Debbie asked, if I wanted some food, assuming nothing to do with america - but no, if I wanted MacDonalds. So, who am I to say no - and 10 mins later had a text saying come next door to collect the food. Stunned, shocked and nearly wasting away, I had delivered a burger, fries and strawberry milkshake. For all I know - they could have brought it back from America.

Leaving them to unpack and shower ( I had a terrible story about John not showering for for about 48 hours or some sort) and catch up on gossip. A little later, John popped around with some supplies I'd asked to have picked up - including a new 2Gb PSP memory card & Clinique products.

We arranged to pop down for a curry, and have some beverages - hoping to keep them awake as long as possible to readjust into UK time and not get jetlag - after King Babba's we ended up in the jug for what I assumed would be 3 pints and them on the floor. Sadly, it had the reverse effect and after 4 pints I was close to sleeping right then and there - only for John and Debbie insisting that we have 2 more rounds. Just before midnight we ended up leaving, and heading home - me enterting a coma based on mainly Fosters and waking up at 9.30am

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