Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back to the footballing ways

Wednesday saw the return of something very rare in my life - scoring on Wednesday football night. Its a little harder to get a goal these days, mainly because of the standard that actually plays - and also down to the fact that there are alot of showboaters - who'd rather beat 5 players, and take a shot on target. I'd like to think my skills have been improving a little over the last couple of months - and rather than shooting or one touching, I'm running and taking on players.

Of course, I phoned my mother up to say hi etc, and tried to explain this feeling of being about to run, pass and shoot - basically every 11 year old child can do. Although it came out the wrong way, I tried to reexplain the situation, however, just made it sound even more "gayer" than the first time - and eventually give up just to save blushes.

Sadly Thursday football was cancelled, so not getting into the swing of things - all seems stop and start! Boo!

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