Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Lunch

My foot and ankle has been a little sore recently. I think I twisted it a couple of weeks ago when playing football and damaged a muscle and it just hasnt heeled up. I popped into town to get a support bandage to see if I could the damn thing heel up before Wednesday night (and Thursday). I've been after a number of things on my shopping list recently, but been a little lazy and not bothered, but strangely enough, seem to have a new found boost of energy, with getting up "early" both Saturday and Sunday.

I feel that I've always had a mathematical and science brain, but let down the other parts of my brain, so decided to do something about it for a change. I'm keeping it quiet for the time being, but I have given myself a number of challenges to complete that are none technical - just to see if I can get my brain active again. Guess what I'm trying to say, is that I'm sick of drifting around. I dont wish to mention what it is at the moment, because if I dont do anything, or fail, I dont want people pointing the finger and laughing, or taking the piss.

Anyhooo, after picking up some Clinique Happy aftershave (as the american's dont appear to stock it - damn them!) I sent a text to John and Debbie asking if they fancied some lunch in town, to which they were on their way anyhow, so we met up. I had roast beef etc, Debbie copied (tut) and John had a very nice looking sandwich.

After lunch, we went our different directions, I went and bought healthy food from M&S as I'm trying to loose some weight and get fitter over the next couple of days. I managed to get home just as it started getting a bit nippy, then tucked myself up and played Sims2 on my PSP, made a cup of tea and finally watched the most boring Televised FA Cup game in the world.

Anyhow, ended up having a decent early night, feel this week is going to be a good one! yay!

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