Friday, February 24, 2006

in the land of make believe

Its strange, and I dont know how to control it - I like being in control of situations. For the last couple of months, I've been having nightly dreams about one person - really just cant get her out of my head. Its not like we have daily interaction, infact, I think the last time I actually saw her was before Xmas when we went for a coffee on a sunday in town. So, why the dreams ? You dont interact with someone, you dont have phone calls with them, you get the odd work-instant message from her - so how come she's constantly in my mind ??

Nevermind about the dreams, what do you do about it, is she interested at all ? I take it by the text messages I've sent and that she hasnt replied too, thats probably a negative, but under the circumstances, I understand, and know she's got a shed load on in life at the moment.

I went into the office yesterday, hoping to "bump" into her, and I've been feeling a little run down, mainly on the exuberance of american style fast food and outcome of it brining me out in rather nasty looking spots. I've spent the full week running up to Thursday's office trip, by trying to make me look as human as possible, and also attractive enough for her to, and this is where it sounds strange, like me again.

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missy said...

I think I should write a book about "How to Tell if She Digs You."

I can´t tell you if this girl in your dreams digs you though. YOu´d have to buy the book.