Monday, February 13, 2006

Wot no Blog?!

Whoops, kinda got carried away with this none blogging action. Well in a nutshell, what have I been up too ? mostly watching Leam FC play football, laughing at comical own goals at Causeway Town, drinking for birthday, and also a near week of giving up too.

The day after my birthday (2nd) I ended up playing football, without guiness on my stomach, and feeling a little bit more fitter than I did on the 1st. I managed to score three goals in the game, which kinda lifted my feelings up. Thursday just gone, managed to have a stonking game, where for the first time, I was running and controlling the ball, rather than 2 or 3 touch passing. Felt good, and when I explained it to my mother, made me sound like a little kid, but tried to explain that I never really used to play at school, so infact I'm playing catch up with the big kids now. It feels good tho, being able to take giant strides, running, being able to beat people and take on the keeper.

On a brighter note, NUFC decided to get rid of Agent Souness who was taking us down to the Coca Cola Championship. This was a perfect birthday present, the Wednesday night we got tonked 3-0 by Man City - so finding out lunch time the next day that he's been sacked, brought a smile to my face - only annoying thing is he got away with 2million quid - for being shit! Wish work would give me 2 million to walk away for doing a shit job. Next Stop - Football Management!!

In the same week, Sir Shearer (to you and I) managed to get his 201st club goal for Newcastle United - excitement and hair on the back of the neck, and for a change, the club going in the right direction, with back to back wins against Pompey (2-0) and Villa (2-1) - steering, hopefully, away from the relegation zone. Unfortunately, this makes Rich's bet, null and void, although I reckon he could have done with 1200 quid this year.

After a couple of beverages over birthday period, I decided to give up for a week, which lasted 6 days - which is pretty good going, but it was to celebrate the news of my mother selling her house finally, and the fact she was sending me some cash - which isnt too shabby at all. There are supposed to be some photos that Debbie/John and I took for my birthday - however, they are on Debbie's Camera, and we'll have to wait til they get back from US of A.

John and Debbie are away in NY, so I'm keeping an eye on their place, and thankfully, nothing has happened. I always get a little worried when people leave me in charge of their place while on vacation or business, incase something happens - like floods, fires, gas leak - now crap, did I switch that tap off?!?

That concludes the news in brief - I'll have to remember to update more often, I think.

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I think you should update more often! So, should I actually!

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