Sunday, February 26, 2006

Perfect Saturdays

As saturdays go in the world of the steve, today has been near on perfect as you can get. Last night was great, and after leaving the group in the jug due to feeling a bit blah, I managed to get a decent night sleep and wake up at a good time (10am). I had a text from a friend saying they were back in town, and would I like to meet up for a drink, chat and catch up - of course, I didnt think for less than a heartbeat to say yes.

Due to Newcastle playing at home against everton and kicking off at 17:15, I decided to skip the Brakes away game to Oadby Town. I lent my tomtom to John and Debbie, just to make sure they got there safely and also in time, and in return, had the promise of the goals/full time text messages from one of them. NUFC v Everton wasnt the only reason, one of which was the fact a friend was back in town, and also my sisters (and Emily's) birthday was fast approaching, and had to sort a few things out.

Brakes managed to win 3-0 (my prediction was 2-0) and apparently a couple of the regulars were asking after me - which is nice. It's not an ego thing, but its nice to be asked about when you dont really know many people at a club that is pretty small. Anyhoo, after trying to rig up my PC so it could fetch enough bandwidth of ChineseTV via internet, and failing, I had to use the backup of text message and radio (DAMN BROADBAND ROUTER!!!) Anyhow, Newcastle won 2-0 and I had to get ready for meeting of "the" friend.

This is gonna stay cryptic, but I really do have so much time for this person, not on an attraction level, but also on a personal level. They have the power to make me smile, just because they are in the same room - and I just dont know how that works - and some times it scares me - like a small child trapped in a tight jumper. Anyhoow, I go on a tangent that my blog/mind has often had the piss taken out of. We met up after her brother dropped her off, had a quick pint and chatted, and ended up in the lounge, had a cocktail, chatted, I smiled, and bumped into Geordie Mike.

We ended up in Wildes, an old haunt of mine from days gone ex, and we got wine in and chatted. I have to admit, over the years, its been me asking & leading questions, finding out, and to my suprise, I felt it was a two way thing and I really enjoyed it. As mentioned, its just not an attraction thing, its more than that, I dont know what it is, however they made it perfectly clear that they were seeing someone, and at that point, its the first time I've ever felt the "wonder years" situation. You know, small child speaking for you without you using your lips - scary, never happened to me before. Yes, I talk to myself, more often than speaking outloud to be brutely honest, but never feeling my mind taking the conversation away from me. Anyhow, my "wonder years" voice told me at that point, it was pure friendship, nothing more, and it was a different kind of caring, one like caring for a sister - if that makes sense.

She seemed very happy, the happiest I've ever seen her for a long while, so who am I to take that away from her. Dont get me wrong, not for one second did I think anything would and could have happened that saturday night - which is a bit of a shame - but reality.

After a bottle of wine and chinwagging, we walked to the top of town, where her mum was waiting, I got introduced, I waved and blushed abit. This is mainly due to the fact that her mum saw me on the webcam and said nice things about me - and my friend was worried that her mother was developing somekind of crush. I left them too it, wandered all the way back home, avoiding the drunk people talking to the shop window dummies in House of Frasier, avoiding the people who were just out for a fight. I've sat down, with a short, typed this as it really has been a fantastic night, and I'll save this as a draft and check it in the morning.

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