Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lads Night Out

Myself and John popped up to the New Windmill Ground to watch Leam play Tipton, which was supposed to be one of the hardest games of the season, even at home, and loads of prematch banter between the two sets of supports on the message boards - including YAMYAMs. John said he would drive up - due to the fact my car still hasnt been fixed, nor have the garage even called me to discuss when they can do it. Anyhooo, we got up there with enough time to grab a cuppa, a pie (or burger) and find our usual place. I'll not bore you too much with the details, however, Leam won 3-0, with the 2nd looking a bit dubious for offsite - but you have to take your changes when you can.

John mentioned that with Debbie being away, and Tom H having a night pass, they were thinking of a lads night out - and at the time I wasnt sure if I should sleep, or go out and have a laugh - as its a while since we towned it around Leam. After takeaway pizza to fill me up and place a layer on my stomach, myself and John (I was 10 mins late) ventured up town to, grabbing some cash and ended up meeting Tom and his mate "Nige" in the Willoughby, where double JD and coke / Southern Comfort and coke was on the menu. It was discussed that we would embark on a Goonies style trip around Leam - and for one night, become Townies. We ended up in Satchwells next, where again, doubles on the menu, taking in the sights and sounds of the "legal" drinkers and so so short skirts. On our wander up the Parade, we managed to get flyers to CodeRed - which said "next door to the White Horse" - to which we laughed. It appears that they've split the White Horse into two, the old side being the White Horse, and those just about old enough to drink go to R&B friendly CodeRed, where the girls were wearing even less.

We ended up in Moo next, where we managed to chinwag, say hi to a couple of people I knew, and look at the lovely ladies with the a) trendies b) chav c) just so wrong boyfriends. We had a couple of drinks in there - and spent most of the night drawing things on the windows covered in condensation - Tom managed to pour a glass of spirits all over his trousers, making it look like he's pissed his pants. One round in Moo - £21.60 for 4 drinks - cheap then! From here it went a little hazy, but it goes long the lines of we end up in Rios - Tom paying for us, and then us paying Tom back, then more booze and a bit of dance. It also introduced the new game of "Which one of you lovely ladies is single, Steve's single and looking?"

After more dancing, and loosing John, Tom and Nige, I bumped into a couple of people that work at the Robbins Well, so "hung out" with them - including a foxy minx who i've seen around, yet, never spoken too. We got dancing, at one point some random crazy dancing behind me grabbing my arse - turning around and grinning, thankfully the Minx grinned and saved me. There was this bloke there, who is about as camp as a field full of treehugging hippies - at a camp-expo, and gay, apparently. So, finding little miss minx snogging Mr Gay, my humour started to go dramatically south, and after chasing someone away to China, I now have some how managed to convince a girl that snogging a Gay bloke, is a much better option. Time to give up I reckon!!

Anyhoo, I managed to get back and into bed around 3.30 and find blood all over my shirt, although I wasnt bleeding - nice. I woke up with the nice sound of "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" in my ears - and ventured into town, trying to clear my head. I managed to catch up with Nomes and Andy, and had lunch in the Lounge - and very nice too it was. After food shopping and buying a tshirt, I returned home, to tidy and chill - need sleep - badly.

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