Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lost with LOST

It was Debbie's birthday today, and with being manic at work, I had to pop into town to get a couple of bits and bobs and her present. After returning back home to continue to work, I never got the chance to wrap it - then had to pop out again to organise 5aside football. Its starting to become a bit of a drag, because you know what its like - some weeks you just cant be arsed - however, I've got to make that extra effort because I pay for it, arrange it and have to ensure that people turn up the next week.

Anyhow, after a crap game of football - by not scoring any - however setting up someone with a fantastic threw-ball/chip, I returned back home, wrapped up Debbie's presents and took them around to her flat where I said a quick hello to herself and John.

I returned to my gaff, continued making my roast dinner - sat down with a pint of Tetley's Smooth and switched the TV on. The last two episodes of LOST series one was on tonight and although having not watched the full series, I decided it would be a nice chilled out thing to do. The first episode completed and I thought to myself, after pouring myself a second can, that they would have to run with the conclusions pretty quickly in the last episode to make things a little more clearer. OOOH, how wrong can you get - invisible tree lifting gubbins, pirates stealing kids and a hatch being opened up - all left me in a bit of a disarray. In fact, some would say, left more questions than answers, and only to be told that the 2nd series would be shown in the spring.

Looking vr confused, I went to bed, but not sleeping due to the lingering cold and hearing things outside next to the canal - handy.

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