Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tester Warburton!

Mr Rich was kind of enough to give me one of his invites to the Windows Live Messenger (Basically MSN version 8) Beta testing. There are a number of versions kicking around the joint that you can download, but requires some proxy software to bypass the Mircosoft security systems, however this just needs to assign an OK against your name and allows you to sign in.

I have to say, its a massive change in terms of the interface, and its taken a bit of getting used too. Its all a bit XP'y - with bright colours and billy big buttons - but once you get there, it is actually pretty good. I signed up for another Beta yesterday, Windows Live Mail beta, which apparentl I'll hear about in the next couple of weeks - all sounds a bit like hotmail - but draggy droppy kind of gubbins with a 2Gb mail file - I only get 100Mb at work!!

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