Friday, January 27, 2006


Myself, John and Debbie had a quick curry (which extend to about 90 mins) in town, then due to Debbie having to travel to London, and Celeb Big Brother concluding - we ended up back at theirs. Thanks to Mr Tivo, we were able to track back and it appeared that Chantelle, Barrymore, "Maggott" and Preston (not north end) were left as the final big 4. Brilliant you may think - and to be honest, Mr Barrymore's first week's antics, I thought the public would have taken a disliken to him. Fair play to him and fair play to the public for backing someone who was pulled apart by the UK press. I personally have nothing against him, nor his shows in the past, and I certainly wouldnt have an issue with him coming back to the UK screen - although you have to worry if he gets knocked back down a peg for whatever reason. Personally - I think he is the only celeb to use big brother as a medium and use it successfully - and to that, I take my hat off to him (if I was wearing one) and say congrats.

The Chantelle situation, you have to worry, that if (as believed by the media) she was led astray by miss marsh - what happens now she's "famous". Good luck to her tho, its everyones dream to come from "nothing" to being a real "celeb" overnight - lets hope she does it with style - and if she's looking for someone ;o)

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