Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Oh You ChittyChittyBANGBANG

I was on the way to wednesday night 5aside football, driving up towards the roundabout where the Ford Factory and Blockbusters are located - doing as I do most Wednesdays night. Nothing wrong with the night - completely clear, traffic was average, and I had to give way to some traffic around the roundabout. Once it was clear, I started to accelerate (5/10 mph) over the roundabout - then - BANG!!! - next thing I know, this 206 is swirving all over the road heading towards MacDonalds. My first reaction was, "oh, hello" then, "hang on a tick, thats not supposed to happen" then "best find out who hit me then I suppose" - strangely enough - all very calmly.

I managed to get his details - and it appears he was in the right lane coming from behind me, trying to left! Reminding myself of basic physics, no, not the law about touching light bulbs, mains sockets when the electricity is switched on, but cars are not gaseous bodies and infact, if you hit one into another - it makes a big bang and a bit of mess. Trying to get this message across to the "3rd party", as my insurance company now call him, was a little more difficult so reduced to the basics. If you want to go left, you stay in the left lane, if you're in the right lane, you turn right, or merge in the ahead lane - once again, I think this failed, only to get a comment of "Well your car doesnt appear to be damaged". Well Mister, trust me - 5 minutes before you smashed into my car - it was even less damaged.

Anyhow, the car appeared to be driveable - so headed over to the football area - had a semi decent game - missing about 5 changes, hitting the post once - but starting to get the feel for right midfield as well as up front. I'm getting the hang of protecting the ball using my body and being able to turn pretty quickly - and at this rate, when I'm 40, I could join an U15 team with my newly developed skills.

One of the lads followed me home - just incase the whole steering column knackered up and left me stranded in the middle of Warwick - luckily its fine. Just got a small problem of forking out 200 quid for excess while the insurance company investigate my demolition derby friend "Mr 3rd party". I phoned my sister who was in the police, trying to work out if I had to get them involved - as its one of lifes funny situations, where there isnt a documented procedure as to what to do.

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