Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Everyone has a Fairy Godmother

You know in the olden days - when people used to have fairy godmothers and such like - well I dont think times have changed so much. For example, tuesday was a bit of a shit day, and probably was a result to 2 weeks of spiralling sham that came to a head. To be fair, I really didnt to too much on Tuesday, apart from doing 100 lengths at the pool, held a team meeting, got shouted at by people - the usual tuesday gubbins. It got to about 2pm, when I thought, why do I bother, why do I put up with this - anyhow, in the same 3 minute time frame, I ended up talking to Rich who suggested a couple of pints to put the world to rights.

So, after a couple more meetings, more people shouting at me - it got to 16:45 when I thought bugger it - I asked Rich if he could get off from work a little earlier than normal and invited him down to the Well. Rich has a real knack of putting things in to perspective - "Pint of Carling Steve?" and you know what, it worked.

However, due to rushing around, swimming and having conf calls etc, I forgot that I only had a gammon sandwich all day, so after the 3rd pint, I was completely minced and unable to speak. I ended up getting a cheesy chip putty from the Well, and ended up forcing another pint down my neck. Rich has some kind of a pizza fetish at the moment, so we ended up in Piccolino's while he shammed around getting a take out, giving me the opportunity to have a swift half pint - mmm.

Thanks Rich, 60 more mins and the men in the white coats would have come and took me away - and no, not the lab technicians.

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