Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Cold Cold Football

Tuesday night football was back on the menu tonight, with the brakes playing at home against Romulus. With Debbie at work, I tend to take John up as he's without the car, so was over the moon when we get outside, to find that the windscreen was iced over and had to clear it. The in-car/bus thermometer was reading -1 at that point - but, wearing thermals, I knew I'd have the last laugh (ah ah hahahahahaha - thats my evil laugh, if i could develop one). We managed to get up there a couple of minutes before kick off, mooched around and I handed over the prog and fanzine that I bought for John at the weekend.

We decided to get a cuppa on the way to the other side of the ground, just as we kicked off - while we were stuck in the 2 people long queue, we managed to give away a pen, and the opposition score from it - all after a cup of tea and our backs turned. Debbie then turned up after getting rid of kiddy winkles from college and joined us. We played "guess the attendance" with 322 - John and Debbie being piss takers, decided to block my answer, but guessing one either side - the result being 321 - not bad really for mine - so I'm going to claim that result. John managed to win the half time raffle, by claiming a bottle of white wine - bonus and we managed to slowly freeze while watching football. We managed to get goal back and looked like we could have gone on to win it - only for 90 mins to be blown.

Return trip back home - the in-car computer registered -4 - lovely - sat here shivering trying to get feeling back into my fingers. Hard fought battle - but, end of the day, the opposition are 2nd in the league or something - so well deserved really. Might even be a "we've turned the corner" style comment that Mr Souness might come out with.

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