Saturday, January 07, 2006

Boring Boring Football

After lastnights relaxing and taking it easy happy friday, I slept in a little, popped into town to get a very cheap copy of Mario Kart - Double Dash, to play on my Game Cube. I've not played on my Game Cube for a while - mainly because John and Debbie have had it next door to play Donkey Conga (honestly - tut!) and I got the idea from John who's just purchased a new Nitendo DS.

On returning from town, and venturing via Subway to get a sandwich, it was time to get changed into warm gear to watch the Brakes play Boldmere St Michaels'. It was starting to snow, and rain, and get cold - so a couple of layers went on, including thermals and a wooly hat. We got up there just before 3pm and the weather had improved and was getting a little warmer due to the shelter. I ordered myself an FA Cup limited addition Brakes football shirt from the guy, and he also mentioned that he had an umbrella for me if I was still interested - fine by me - so he's going to call me when they are ready.

The game itself, was vr scrappy, its what you expect in the middle of winter, a mudpit, scrappy play and very little chances. This continued til about 85 mins into the game, then the Brakes managed to step up a gear, previous missed passes, were now hitting the targets, and they were becoming vintage Brakes again. Then the final whistle - another draw at home (never going to beat Chesterfields') - final score 0-0 - match report can be found here. I also won "guess the attendance" with my answer of 412, actual attendance was 423.

Got home, warmed up, played Double Dash, had food, watched "Walking with Monsters" and indulged in a bottle of wine - got drunk, entered coma, The End.

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