Monday, January 16, 2006

Healthy Steve - two words you would never think are linked together

I'm in a healthy frame of mind for a change - it all started in the car this morning while I listened to Radio 1, and they had some health dude on, suggesting ways of getting fitter. Normally, it goes in one ear and comes out the other - but for a change, decided to listen, and do something about it more importantly. I got off to a bad start when I had a twix with my cup of tea, but my defence is that they didnt have any apples in the vending machine. I was due to go to a meeting, however got told I wasnt needed, so came home - after a number of meetings and presentations, I decided enough was enough and I should go for a swim.

Swimming is like running, apart from getting wet, not having to concentrate on running and really, you dont have to make too much of an effort - I find - which suited me well. After 50 lengths I decided to go for a sauna, mainly because there was a scary fat man in the jacuzzi smiling and talking to himself. I relaxed, chilled and tried to find out if the fat scary man had left - just my luck - still there. Bugger it I thought, I'm away home - watch some TV, do some work, eat some healthy food - be happy - only to find, when when I was walking out, some fit lass smiled and said Hi to me. I'd walked too far to turn around - damn that crazy scary fat man!

When I returned home and had a chat with upstairs, I switched my George Foreman grill on, bunged some rice to boil - slapped on chicken and red & green peppers on the grill - 10 mins - healthy meal - and I'd made it myself. To be fair, it was boil in the bag rice - but still - healthy all the same. I even washed it down with OJ and a healthy style cheesecake - mmmm.

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