Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why oh Why oh Why - II

I think someone summed it up well today - "you must have done something wrong in a former life", of course, this is related to the woman situation in my world - well, lack of I should say. Just before Xmas, I bumped into and met a nice lass, someone I felt comfortable with - then, all of a sudden, she's jetting off to China. I thought I was a decent snog, you know, nothing bad, nothing good, but decent - but never as bad as someone moving half way around the world because of me!

Anyhow, before she left, she sent me a text with her MSN address - and once in a while we chat - you know, nothing heavy, just chinwag, trying to flirt a little (never works well on MSN, i tell you). So, being a brave lad that I have been recently with Sarah, today I asked if I could have a surname to add to my phone's address book for her number. Instead I got, "might as well delete that number, doesnt work anymore". So, as Paula Abdul used to say, two steps forward, and three steps back - but then she also danced with a cartoon cat, so dont trust her too much!

Anyhow, doubt there is much I can do in the next x number of months, while I'm stuck here in oh so warm England, and young foxy Sarah is stuck in China - damn my cursed women luck!

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